teak garden furniture – A house with any concept can have a stunning look if we can organize it well. It is not just about expensive buildings and extraordinary lighting techniques. It is also about how you utilize the furniture inside. You can maximize a one-story house with a supportive furniture arrangement.

Wooden furniture is a contemporary choice that can still be modern in terms of design, color and easy to maintain. Especially if you use teak wood material to make custom chairs, tables, desk, cupboards, wall closet, cabinets and other furniture. You can make slim wooden furniture for a compact one-story house.

Meanwhile, for a one-story house with a spacious area, you can freely express the wooden furniture design but still focus on the proper layout so that this house doesn’t lose its best concept. This also applies to one story office buildings like SOHO (Small Office Home Office).

Sleek Furniture Design

You are free to use any wooden furniture design. Whether it is for a one-story building that is quite wide or narrow. You just need to adjust the design to the size of the room you are going to use. Slender furniture designs such as benton chairs with thin legs or two-seater sofas that are not too wide will be appropriate for you to apply to the interior of a compact one-story house.

Then you can use a rectangular dining table of sufficient width in the living room when you have to invite guests to sit there. When you have lunch, you can put various dishes on the table. You can maximize the function of one table for various purposes. 

Meanwhile, the design of cabinets and sideboards in a compact house should have a shape that extends upwards so that it doesn’t fill the width of this one-story room.

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Bold Wooden Furniture Designs

You can also choose bold wooden furniture designs for one story buildings. Especially if the building is so spacious. You can pick the throne chair designs as a reference complete with the bronze elongated table look. You can place this bold wooden furniture in the living room or dining room.

Next, you have to take a closer look at the cabinet or cupboard inside the living room. The great and grande wooden cabinet will give an elegance and magnificent look. You can also have a wall closet inside the master room. The clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories will be safe inside that closet. Next to the closet, you will have a wooden pinkish dressing table complete with a standing mirror.

Last but not least, the selection design for the bed frame also important regarding this one-story building must have a concept that you can maximize. You can pick a wooden bunk bed or a pallet wooden bed with beautiful Jepara carving on the head and on the legs.

Well, maybe you need professional help to arrange the proper wooden furniture for your one-story building now. You can contact us through this website or Instagram. We will brainstorm with you in order to get the final decision about the design.