teak outdoor furniture – This house with a grassy exterior is a charming attraction in Iceland. People who walk on a wide expanse of grass seem to find a mound of green grass that forms a house. If they came closer, it was indeed a house with an outer layer of thickly growing grass. Extreme temperatures made the icelanders build this phenomenal turf house. Now many people are taking inspiration from turf houses in building contemporary modern house structures. 

Carpets made from real or synthetic grass will cover the roof and some of the outer walls of the house. While the shape of the house itself still follows the modern minimalist style trend and is far from traditional. Then people are happy to fill their turf modern houses with wooden furniture which will add the aesthetic look. The color, designs, and the carvings on the surface of these wooden furniture will give the different look.

Wooden Furniture to Add Aesthetic to Your Icelandic Turf House

Comfort on the Terrace and Entryway

Your Icelandic turf house will look pleasant if you place wooden furniture with attractive designs and increase the level of comfort from the moment guests set foot on the terrace. Even though people always say that ‘comfort is a trap’, this is different because you will be placing a relaxing beach chair.

This teak wood chair has a backseat with a lattice motif and a 45-degree tilt. Meanwhile, the seat is flat with a slight curve towards the calves and heels so you can sit back and relax while enjoying the view from the open terrace. Then there is a short coffee table with a rather wide top surface where you can place food and drinks. 

Next, a few steps from the terrace, you will pass through an entryway where there is a wooden shoe rack with a design resembling an open sideboard. You can put various footwear there and don’t need to worry about dust because this rack has a cover. 

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Cheerful Living Room

From the exterior of the Icelandic turf house we can see that the concept of this house is shady, it seems cool and calm. Therefore, you need a cheerful and warm living room atmosphere so that the cold impression from outside doesn’t dominate your interior. 

You can start by choosing a set of table and chairs for the living room, such as a one to three-seater sofa with quite striking colors. You can choose a bright pink sofa cushion color, turquoise blue or a neutral dark gray color with a light brown teak wood frame. Then complete your family gathering place with a lacquered oval table that will match the look of the sofa design.

Meanwhile, a white cabinet whose height reaches the ceiling of the room will act as a divider between the living room and another room. Apart from that, the design of the TV cabinet that is opposite the sofa should be quite simple with the cabinet height being much lower than the main cabinet there.

So, when will you fill the turf house concept with wooden furniture? Just call us as soon as possible to help you to decide the suitable designs of teak wood furniture.