Jepara furniture – An online broadcast venue like a studio is not always just casual. Sometimes, for the sake of elegant content and filming, the crew prepares a number of pieces of furniture. Invited guests can sit comfortably on a one or two-seater sofa with a frame made of sturdy teak wood. The interviewer can have fun asking guests many questions behind the modular or letter L design table while sitting on a lounge chair with an upright back.

You can also build a small stage from teak wood if this is an online broadcast to invite more than 2 guest stars. Maybe they are a music group that goes viral on a platform and viewers want to watch their live performance. This small stage has a prominent round center area around which there are sofas or lounge chairs for all the guests to sit on after the performance. You may also provide a side table or coffee table to sweeten the layout of your studio.

Simplicity Yet Elegant

We start from an online dining broadcast or ‘mukbang’ (Korean language) where you only need at least one table and one chair. Teak wood tables are sturdy and heat resistant. You can place various kinds of dishes complete with a gas stove with a hot frying pan on the table for a certain menu such as crab ramen.

Then choose the wooden chair design that is most comfortable for you. Whether it is a lounge chair that leans slightly backwards, a simple armchair that allows your elbows to lean freely, or a one-seater sofa that gives an elegant touch. Make sure your camera takes perfect aim at all the wooden furniture which gives a simple yet elegant impression so that your traffic raises.

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Give Credit to the Craftsmen

If someone asks where to buy beautiful teak wood furniture you have just shown when on air, you only need to include the link. Then your craftsmen will get a share of the profits from your broadcast that day. People will get more information where to order high quality wooden furniture like the one you have.

Meanwhile, there is also a dining broadcast concept by showing the entire dining room. This concept is usually for a big meal with many complete menus from appetizers to desserts. You can make a custom dining set according to your own design choices.

Do you want a dining set to eat under or with chairs? Choose the best contemporary design that people like to see in recent timelines such as a puzzle dining set or an elongated coffee table with bar stool chairs.

Next, maybe you want to show something different inside your studio like bringing the cozy concept when interviewing a guest. You can bring in a sun bed that you custom made with a teak wood frame and Jepara carvings on the four pillars. You and your guest can talk on the sun bed for minutes to hours live broadcasting. The key is to talk as comfortably as possible inside your studio.

Well, if you need more information about the custom wooden furniture for the studio, you can contact us immediately. We will come with a bundle of design ideas to bring your studio to the next level.