Indonesia furniture – Many people adopt the concept of Minka as an icon of traditional Japanese houses in their minimalist homes. This house has a lot of uniqueness with the use of the main materials of wood, bamboo, and warm clay. If in the past only people from the lower strata such as farmers, small traders, and carpenters lived in these traditional houses, now all levels of society can do so. 

Minka’s house can be modern, contemporary, and classy with the choice of wooden furniture that supports it. The support for this wooden furniture is in terms of the type of wood, design, and color. This type of teak wood from Indonesia can add to the aesthetic value of a Minka house. 

Wooden Sofa Set to Make Your Multi-Purpose Terrace Attractive

You can make chairs, tables, dressing tables, cupboards, cabinets, and towel racks custom with contemporary designs that you discuss with professional craftsmen. Once the design is ready, you can then determine the color and other details that will make this wooden furniture support the concept of your modern minimalist Minka house. 

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Japanese Tea Table

You can show a deep-rooted traditional impression by making a custom tea table in your Minka house. You are free to decide whether the design will follow the traditional Japanese tea table which is short and everyone sits on the floor or not. However, nowadays there are many references to contemporary Japanese tea table designs that are even suitable for dining chairs with short legs commensurate with the height of the table.

Then you can choose more modern colors for the contemporary Minka concept such as burgundy brown, dark gray, black, broken white, or cream. You can put this tea table in the living room or dining room.

Storage Wooden Cabinet or Closet

Storage places such as cabinets, cupboards, or wall closets in Minka’s house impact the vibe of the room. Light brown wooden cabinets in the kitchen or living room will blend gracefully with the color of the wooden floor and lighting. You can also place a cabinet or wall closet in the bedroom to store clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. 

Choose a minimalist design with one to two sliding doors where the right side will be a storage for items arranged upwards. While the left side will be where you hang clothes with hangers. Once again, choose trending colors such as light gray, light brown, or even other natural colors like sage green or teal blue. 

Wooden Dining Set 

Another normal thing about Minka’s house is the existence of a dining set, which will be an area for the family gathering to eat. Sometimes mother or okaasan also prepares cooking ingredients at the dining table while guiding their children to study. You can pick one design that suits the concept of the Minka house.

A rectangular dining table with honey color varnish will be a good choice. Then you can complete it with four to six dining chairs. So, if you want a professional craftsman to guide you in deciding what design and colors for the whole wooden furniture inside your Minka house, you can contact us now. Visit our website or Instagram for more information.