jepara indonesia furniture – Something that is currently popular among modern people is doing daily work at home. This work is like a business that they develop with clients remotely. There were once or twice the opportunity to hold offline meetings in cafes or small offices in the homes of the workers on duty.

The home office concept is gradually becoming a lifestyle for urban people. They choose SOHO (Small Office Home Office) as their residence and office for their daily lives. Most office workers have completed their work contracts at companies which have allowed them to climb the career stages to prepare to start their own business.

Their SOHO house has at least two floors with the lower floor as a small office and the upper floor as an adequate living space. They must be careful in choosing furniture to support their daily lives so they can live comfortably and can complete deadlines on time. Teak wood furniture that can last for years is always the perfect choice.

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Wooden Furniture Inside Office SOHO

We often find loft shaped residential rentals where there is commercial space in the living room area. Several people can work there and accept clients. Then there is a high ceiling section which is the area where you can rest and sleep after working below. This is a SOHO unit that is suitable for budding entrepreneurs.

SOHO apartment or office units usually have stairs that lead to the higher ceiling area. At the bottom of the stairs you can set up a wall closet where you can store important files and logistics such as paper or ink supplies. 

Then we move to the minimalist workstation area where there are one or two work desks. The work desk design is usually a simple square or modular teak wood table where you can place your computer or laptop, telephone, printer and so on.

Next, for comfort when working inside SOHO, you can choose a teak wood working chair with arms that match your work desk. When a client comes to just see the atmosphere of your small office, he will get a comfortable and warm atmosphere so that he will entrust you more to finish the project.

Proper Furniture Inside a Minimalist Home

Your space in the SOHO house area is quite limited. Therefore, you only need to provide furniture that is a basic need. Your only bed should use sturdy teak wood. Sometimes you also work in bed with a laptop and lots of guidebooks. A simple design similar to a sun bed on the beach could be the perfect choice. The four legs are short with Jepara carvings on the four pillars.

Next, you can have a side table or nightstand next to the bed. You can also use this simple wooden table to work at home when the atmosphere in the office is too oppressive. Then you can combine the kitchen area with the dining room. Place a dining set between the bedroom and the kitchen. You can choose a semi-circular bar table with stool chairs. If you need higher concentration, you can stop by the bar table to just sip the coffee while reviewing your work.

So, when you need professional help to fill your SOHO with custom wooden furniture, you can contact us immediately. We will bring you the design that best suit your small office and home.