teak outdoor furniture – Looking after beloved pets is a way of healing for most people. Seeing the cuteness of pets such as cats or rabbits running around creates a feeling of happiness inside. You will provide the best facilities for these pets, right? You can even build a special area for your cats to play at home. 

A business owner can also make a special cage for his favorite hamster in his shop. You can place a chaise sofa which is suitable for relaxing in the corner of the room. Then you can add a side table at the right or left end of this long sofa. The frame of this sofa uses teak wood so it is sturdy and two or three people can sit on it together. You can even lie down and watch your hamster play in its cage.

The hamster cage is on the side table. The wooden cage blends perfectly with the side table and has acrylic glass so we can see the hamster from the outside. You can also make another custom sofa like this for the family room or living room. So, what other wooden furniture creations are suitable for making your time together with pets even more enjoyable?

Teak Aquarium with Jepara Carvings

Fish such as goldfish, koi fish, guppies, and lou han are not the only fish that we can use as refreshing decorations in the living room or dining room. These fish are pets whose owners care for them with great love. Talking to fish swimming in a crystal clear aquarium can be therapy for the soul. Especially if you have done difficult work at the office and after stuck in traffic jams on the way home.

Some offices that handle large-scale business also provide giant aquariums in several corners of the office. Maybe it’s in the lobby, rooftop, or the hall. They want to provide a touch of freshness and peace for those who stop for a moment in front of the aquarium. 

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You can place this aquarium with a layer of glass on all four sides on a table or teak wood cabinet. This table will support the aquarium with the bottom having a wide footrest for placing certain items. You can put liquids for aquariums or cans of fish food and items for aesthetic purposes such as plant pots. 

If you choose a teak wood table design for this aquarium then you can also order carvings on the four wooden edges of it. Meanwhile, if this is a cabinet whose top is an aquarium, then you can make Jepara carvings on the cabinet door below the aquarium. The beautiful carvings are also good on the layer of wood on the top cover of the aquarium.

So, if you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture for you and your loveable pets, you can contact us now. We will arrive at your place to see whether we can make it with your pets’ conditions. Some cats or dogs may scratch your sofa, right?