Jepara furniture – Have you ever gone to a spa or beauty treatment salon and your body didn’t want to move? It’s not just the fragrance of the air that makes you feel at home, but the interior is also amazing. There is a three-seater sofa that is sturdy and has very soft seating in this spa waiting room. 

Then when you enter the treatment room, a long bed on a teakwood platform welcomes you. You like lying there for facial treatments and body scrubs. For one to two hours you can sleep soundly while the employees do their work on your face. Then the ultimate comfort is soaking in a custom wooden tub sprinkled with favorite flowers and essential oils. This is calming and your body becomes very relaxed. 

In the end, you will sit on a wooden lounge chair that resembles a beach chair in the corner of the room near the tub. You can enjoy a glass of smoothies or chamomile tea which has a refreshing effect on the body. This is what makes many customers happy to have routine treatments at a spa salon. 

Is Teak Vintage Furniture Possible to Combine with Modern Style

How wooden furniture which is a part of the interior can provide comfort for visitors. They feel firm, safe, and comfortable sitting or lying down for a long time on this wooden furniture. Especially if this furniture uses teak wood material with soft, elegant, and classy fabric upholstery. 

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Cleopatra Chair with Jepara Carvings

The design of the Cleopatra chair from teak wood will be even more beautiful with Jepara carvings on the arms and the top of the backrest. This chair with a grand design is indeed suitable to be the highlight of a beauty treatment room. 

You can make the shape of the chair bend and curve beautifully like Cleopatra’s hips with or without arms. If it’s a Cleopatra chair without armrests, then there will usually be small bolsters made from the same material as the upholstery of the seat and backrest. Fabric materials such as silk, velvet, or cowhide can be good choices considering that these three materials are quite classy.

Next, you can use natural white upholstery with a teak wood chair golden brown frame. Meanwhile, you can stack the small bolsters on one side of this elegant chair. Then place this chair in the treatment room so your VIP customers will feel very special. 

Wooden Sun Bed for Bohemian Interior Design

You can put wooden furniture that is usually outside, such as a sunbed, into a beauty treatment room or spa. The use of this multifunctional furniture is to create a classy contemporary bohemian chic design. 

You can paint and varnish all parts of this unbed frame dark brown while still highlighting the natural streaks of the teak wood. Then you can put a long white and cream silk cloth on the four corners of the top of the sun bed. Don’t forget to add gold beads all over the fabric. 

The wind in the treatment room will blow the long and thin strips of cloth. Lastly, installing a mattress on top of the sunbed to make the customers comfortable during the treatment process such as massage and nerve acupressure therapy.

If you need professional help to decide what kind of wooden furniture is designed for your spa, you can contact us now. We have a solid team to do this project whenever you want it.