teak garden furniture – Coffee shops and book cafes are two places that often attract attention in a city. Even in remote villages, there are now various coffee shops with an attractive atmosphere both outside and inside. Many cafe owners use wooden furniture as part of their interior and exterior concepts. They chose wooden furniture because the designs currently are so diverse.

There is a simple wooden chair with armrests and a backrest. There is also a unique wooden sofa with a European-style design. Then the shelves for storing collections in the book cafe must also use wood material. It highlights quite a variety of concepts. This can be vintage, minimalist, modern, rustic, contemporary, and classy classic. 

You can even take decorations for wooden tables in the form of logs to mark the table number. You can also make this log wood look like it has thin stems that spread toward the ceiling of the room. This book cafe looks like the interior of a fairy house in a fairy tale, right?  

So, what other wooden furniture designs can elevate your book cafe and coffee shop? Let’s find out!

Mid-Century Sofa for a Modern Minimalist Cafe

A coffee shop or book cafe needs a sofa. This chair with soft cushions as the top upholstery will add a modern minimalist impression to your cafe. This sofa, which can be a seat for two or three people, has a fairly simple design and won’t take up much space. 

This sofa also has flat and rectangular arms that can support anyone’s arm firmly even if his hand is holding a drink or cell phone. No need to worry that what you are holding will fall dramatically. The upholstery for this sofa will usually balance the color flow of the four tapered legs which are from sturdy teak wood. You might choose a light gray sofa. Then the legs can be dark brown or black for dark upholstery color. 

Then in front of the sofa, there is a coffee table which is lower than the height of the sofa. You can choose a round or square wooden coffee table to match the design of the sofa. Next, for the color of the wood coating on the coffee table, you can choose the same color as the trapped legs of the sofa. 

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Wooden Bookshelf at the Book Cafe

Book storage in a book cafe is so important. This area will also be the second most crowded area after the ordering counter. People come to book cafes with very clear purposes. They want to find a book that captivates them and then they will order food and beverages. Next, they will read while sitting down to enjoy their drinks.

The bookshelf in a cafe with this concept should receive more attention than the menu itself. The wooden bookshelf in this cafe can be in the form of a cabinet that has an area for a computer in the middle. People will use the computer to search for available book data. Once they find what they are looking for, they will then search for it directly on the other side of this large teak wood cabinet. 

So, what else do you want to make custom for your book cafe or coffee shop? You can contact us as soon as possible to help you in a professional way to make all the custom furniture you need.