indonesia teak furniture – Many homes and offices use open spaces to get a few moments of freshness and peace. However, the open space concept in this property is important considering that work needs using gadgets are intense and timeless. Those who work indoors always need an area to divert all five senses after working behind a gadget. Whatever type of gadget and type of work. 

Those who are busy with physical work such as housewives, technicians, and dancers also need to go to the inner court to relax tense muscles. Some important wooden furniture in the inner court includes lounge chairs, coffee tables, sofas, sun beds, and daybeds. If the inner court at home or office is also a spot to complete work, then you can place a wooden work desk and chair which can add comfort. 

Don’t forget to pay attention to the elements of beauty in wooden furniture design to help improve your mood. The wooden furniture must come from a type of wood that is resistant to hot weather, rain, and termites like teak wood. This genuine Indonesian wood is also sturdy and can last for decades. 

Introduce to 7 Popular Woods from IndonesiaInner Court Lounge Chair Design

The open space of the inner court is usually on the right or left side of the house where there is a glass door that you can open and close as a partition. However, some design an inner court in the middle of the family room where there is a roof that can open and close automatically. So, you can still get morning sunlight or a natural fresh breeze from outside when coming into the inner court area.

Therefore, you have to put a wooden lounge chair that can withstand any conditions. Meanwhile, the design of this teak wood lounge chair can vary. You can decide for yourself by looking at references on the internet or contacting professional craftsmen who are always handling various types of wooden furniture designs. 

The design you can choose must at least connect to the concept of the property itself. If your whole house carries a contemporary Japanese concept, then the wooden furniture in the inner court will follow it. This lounge chair will have a long and wide design with a honey brown color which further emphasizes the natural teak wood motifs on its surface. 

Then you just need to choose whether this is a lounge chair that resembles a beach chair or a lounge chair that resembles a long banquet table and is attached to the wall. 

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Simple Single Coffee Table

Some people only place a few lounge chairs and sun beds in the inner court area. However, some others also provide simple yet elegant coffee tables there. You can choose a simple, small round coffee table design o that it doesn’t look like a cafe table or meeting table. That’s a single coffee table for yourself. 

Then if you are in love with a square or rectangular table model you can make it custom. Also, focus on the table leg area. Do you want to make a table with four normal slim high legs or one thick supporting leg in the lower center area of the table? Well, you can also add a footrest under the coffee table to create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

So, if you are looking for professional help to make custom inner court wooden furniture for your property, you can contact us now. We will come to your place to complete all the design at a punctual time.