jepara indonesia furniture – Car garages sometimes lose their valuable contents. You have to sell cars and other vehicles to build a new business. Meanwhile, the price of the land you want to rent is quite high. Then you see if the area of your house is strategic enough. In the end, you will only use the empty car garage to run your new business. 

You can start businesses such as minimalist cafes, courses, laundry, libraries that rent books, beauty salons, toy shops, cake shops, or workshops from your garage. When all the permits are ready, then you have to start planning the room layout. You need suitable furniture to support your business. 

Wood is the main material for making furniture in your shop. Wooden furniture is flexible to fit into various room concepts. Starting from rustic, vintage, eco-friendly, Japanese, bohemian, Scandinavian, modern minimalist, contemporary elegant, and futuristic concepts. You don’t need to think much about this wooden furniture. 

There is only one type of wood that you can rely on. This is teak wood which if in the hands of a professional craftsman, it would be an amazing masterpiece. They enjoy processing teak wood into various furniture designs. Starting from simple designs using geometric models, modular designs that you can remove and reassemble to complex designs to represent certain concepts.

Teak Wood Desk or Table

Nowadays there is no difference between a desk and a table. Both are the right designs as a place to put things, do assignments, create works by mixing materials, and much more. For a business where you take language or coding courses, you can emphasize the teak wood desk design. This table has a flat square surface design with small drawers under the desk and sometimes there is a footrest too. 

Those who take courses in your car garage will be comfortable doing assignments on a desk with the right design. Desk pair is a study chair that has a high backrest to support the back and even the back of the head. You can also add pillows to the seating area for more comfort. 

Meanwhile, for the travel business in your garage, you can rely on a teak wood table that you make high enough for an adult’s chest when sitting. Just provide two to three tables at a satisfactory distance in your garage so that the potential customers are comfortable expressing their desire to use your travel services. 

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The Sofa is the Key

Your garage probably doesn’t need a lobby considering its small size. However, there must be a waiting room where there is at least a two-seater sofa and one side table. While potential customers are waiting for their turn to have an in-depth conversation with your agent, they can sit comfortably on an L-shaped or daybed sofa. 

This daybed sofa with one end has a high armrest and will become a favorite corner for supporting one side of the body. While the other end doesn’t have an armrest. When several people have to use the sofa at the same time, this daybed design sofa can accommodate everyone. 

You can choose a dark brown teak wood sofa frame color while maintaining the smooth and sharp natural lines of the wood. Then the upholstery of this sofa can be from leather or soft cotton fabric in a cream or earthy tone.

So, if you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture for your business in a garage, you can contact us immediately. We will do a brainstorming on and on until we get one voice to decide the designs.