teak garden furniture – We often find the palazzo house concept in big cities and remote areas in villages today. This house concept, which follows the original architecture of Italian buildings at the end of the 19th century, has become a concept many people use in several commercial buildings. 

The characteristics of the palazzo concept influenced Italian Renaissance and Roman architecture, sometimes looking Gothic with its facade that looks like a cliff. The architecture of the Palazzo building is truly magnificent from the outside. Meanwhile, for the interior, the concept of this house is suitable to include contemporary, classy elements from the wooden furniture design that will fill it. 

Sling and Cushion Chairs for Outdoor Spaces

You can make wooden lounge chairs for the patio or terrace of a palazzo concept house. Magnificent palazzo homes often require simple furniture designs but follow class equality with the house concept. You can choose a sling chair design with cushion stretching along the backrest to the seat. You can attach this cushion to the sling chair frame using an adhesive or cloth strap with a classy knot.

The part of the veranda that is just out can also have sling and cushion chair ornaments. You only need to match the color of the wood paint and cushion to the color of the terrace or veranda walls. The wood suitable for you to use in this house concept is teak. 

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Trestle Palazzo Dining Set

The trestle design on the dining set table in the Palazzo house concept looks quite discreet. You can generally move this table design from one to another. However, the trestle dining set design for palazzo homes carries the idea of settling in one particular, elegant room; there are no gaps to fold the table, it can accommodate many dishes at one meal, and it uses solid wood.

Teak wood from Indonesia is suitable as the primary material for dining sets in palazzo homes. You can make a trestle table board from sturdy logs to decide whether to form a trestle banquet table in general or not. However, you can also use a table surface design that curves at the edges. 

There are only four table legs for this long banquet table. You can use thick wood with Jepara carvings from Indonesia. This carving will elevate the design of the Palazzo dining set table. Meanwhile, you can choose one of the designs from the Parsons, Queen Anne, or oval designs for the dining chairs. 

Just adjust the chair designs to the design of the trestle table. Next, color selection is essential so that this palazzo dining set gives you the impression you want. A warm impression in the dining area can be made using soft colors from brown or broken white wood and faded natural colors. At the same time, a bold and dynamic impression can appear from emerald green, black, and dark brown to deep honey colors.  

You can contact us immediately if you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture for a Palazzo house. We will brainstorm the concept and then decide on the best agreement.