teak outdoor furniture – The furniture industry and companies engaged in procuring interior and exterior ornaments need logs. One of the logs they always use is teak wood. This native Indonesian wood is very sturdy and widely available in nature, and you can make various furniture creations with unique designs.

It will be more profitable if you make a custom dining set from logs rather than buying pieces of wood that have gone through the packaging process. The wooden furniture buyers also seemed enthusiastic about knowing how to make their wooden furniture designs from logs. They will only pay lower manufacturing costs for using cut wood materials. 

So, what kind of furniture would you order if you could meet a professional artisan who uses logs?

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Bed Frame Design

Using teak wood, a bed frame is suitable because you will get a sturdy bed that will last a lifetime and with a design you like. Nowadays, artisans no longer work on old-fashioned bed frame designs like past designs. They are increasing by creating contemporary, eye-catching custom designs.

The choice of paint color also adapts to the overall concept of the interior and exterior so that it looks dynamic. The logs will form an attractive bed frame where the artisans can freely cut the teak logs following the design order. You are also free to determine your bed frame design. Whether to stay loyal to the rectangular frame shape or the regular square. 

You may be interested in chopping these logs to form wavy frames someday. You want to build an atmosphere as if you are sleeping on uneven waves when you want to add a beach concept to your room.

Contemporary Wooden Furniture Designs from Logs That You’ve Never Expected Before
Contemporary Wooden Furniture Designs from Logs That You’ve Never Expected Before

Dining Set from Logs

A dining set with a unique design is possible for you to make from logs. You can maintain the natural color of the logs, which looks like honey, light gray, or brown. You can also strip off the natural color to get a new color after the artisan has done to make it. 

A dining set is a piece of furniture you can create custom with teak logs. You can cut logs to make a long dining table that occupies many family members. Don’t forget that the edge of the table uses a rough threaded design like a new ax cutting logs. 

Adding this type of furniture, apart from being unique, will also provide a different touch than usual. The dining room will also be more unique and have a natural impression.

Next, you can make casual dining chairs like a stool chair with slender legs and a thick backrest. You can also design the slim legs roughly enough with lots of wood scraps as if an ax were hitting them blindly. You can do so many things with logs on this dining set design. Don’t hesitate to paint the dining set with the Wild West color. 

So, if you need professional help making unique custom wooden furniture from logs, contact us immediately. We will come to your place to mix and match the design with the logs we provide.