Jepara furniture – Who would have ever thought that the pallets we often see in the logistics industry could be a source of inspiration for wood artisans? The pallet can make moving goods easier in logistic fields. However, many furniture stores often produce pallet products with many uses. 

This wooden container in the logistics area, which has a thick grid all over the box, forms an exciting design pattern as inspiration for making household furniture. This pallet design lets you make bed frames for your bedroom, coffee tables, custom chairs, cupboards, shoe racks, sideboards, kitchen sets, and many more. 

Teak Wood Pallet Design

The wood we will use for making pallet furniture design is teak. Teak wood is strong enough to support various loads on it. Besides its sturdiness, teak wood in home or office furniture is flexible in applying designs and color textures. 

The key to the wooden furniture pallet design is that the grids are numerous and parallel with a width you can adjust. You can make a bed frame with a stretch of teak wood pallet design on the mattress support. Then, the head of the bed is rustic wooden in a rectangular shape following the overall area of the bed. 

Some make custom pallet design chairs for relaxing cafe stools that give a warm touch. The shape of this pallet design lounge chair can vary. Some follow round, square, or curved with or without backrest patterns. 

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Reception Counter for a Flexible Impression

Several business places are now starting to adopt palette designs that look flexible. It’s rustic but emphasizes strength, like most reception counters for several business places. With the detailed pallet design on the counter where guests come, the business owner is highlighting his business area. 

The pallet design counter wants to tell visitors that their business relates to agriculture, nature, aviation, logistics, etc. Meanwhile, the waiting room also needs to have an appropriate palette design. Provide waiting chairs with long palette designs in calming colors such as honey colors, light blue, Scandinavian white, and light green. 

Then, you can also make a custom table with a counter of candies, snacks, and canned drinks from teak wood with a prominent circular pallet design and a solid top surface. Use wood paint that matches the color of the waiting chairs and nearby counters. 

There is no need to worry about extraordinarily painting the pallet design wood furniture, just like when you want to make a custom cabinet for your store’s display area. It would help if you had an elegant pallet design cabinet with colors that match the lighting, like golden brown or bronze. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with adding this wood furniture pallet, right? On the contrary, it will give the area a natural, homely feel with wooden accents. All you have to do is inform a professional artisan about the design you want for this type of furniture.

So, to make this all happen, you need a helping hand from a professional craftsman-like us. Contact us immediately to create your custom pallet design wooden furniture in your home, office, or commercial buildings.