Indonesia furniture – Nature tourism and artificial amusement parks are attractions in a country. Visitors will not only take a stroll while enjoying the landscape views in the park and feeding pets. They can also sit on wooden benches with unique designs while taking selfies. The outdoor dining areas also need wooden sets that make visitors comfortable eating and drinking. Adding wooden accents to the garden will undoubtedly provide a softer side. Because the natural wood feel creates comfort in the garden area.

You can add play rides to this amusement park, like a haunted house where ghosts emerge from behind the teak wood cupboard that looks old but sturdy. Then, there is an area for purchasing souvenirs where you can find a long wooden table to display products. Visitors can get various souvenirs, wooden toys, and other exciting products that will remind them of the place they visited. 

Classic and Classy Amusement Parks

All decorations and furniture in this amusement park come from teak wood, which is abundant in nature. A touch of teak wood as an outdoor ornament for this artificial tourist park can increase its aesthetic value if you apply an extraordinary design. The classic and classy impression inside this amusement park can also be the additional ornament because you use warm colors on the furniture.

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The Iconic Teak Wood Seating Statue

It’s a good idea to pay attention to what visitors will see from the front door of the amusement park. The ticket counter at the front will welcome visitors. While waiting for the ticket process, they can sit on teak wood chairs with long and wide seats and a statue on the bench. This statue will attach to the backseat of the chair and stand majestically. 

If your amusement park is a park that also has a farm, then you can make the statue resemble the iconic giant rooster. Meanwhile, if the amusement park only has play rides such as roller coasters and Merry Go Rounds, you can make a statue to represent it, like the angel of death statue, where the haunted house ride is the favorite ride for visitors.

Beach Concept in the Center of the Park

You can also create an oasis in the middle of the park by placing wooden furniture identical to the beach. Sometimes, visitors want to rest briefly in a shady area when walking in a vast park. Not all shaded areas have shady and big trees. Then, you can make custom outdoor furniture to create that oasis. 

You can move the long wooden lounge chairs we usually see on the edge of the beach or pool to this park. You can place one to two of these long lounge chairs in shaded areas. Then, install a super broad umbrella near the head of the chair. You can set a round table resembling a log not far from the chairs as an accent.

So, if you need professional help decorating your amusement park with wooden furniture, contact us immediately. We will bring you the oasis of nature.