indonesia teak furniture – A bathroom, for some people, is more than just a place to clean the whole body and defecate. This is also a place to spark new enthusiasm after being tired of work and even look for inspiration. Several world celebrities also get inspiration for making music and films from staying in a dry bathroom for hours daily. Therefore, you can put several pieces of wooden furniture in the bathroom so that inspiration comes and adds new enthusiasm. 

Wooden furniture has a strong philosophy for always remembering nature wherever we go. A bathroom that always has the sound of nature from the gurgling of water in the sink and shower is perfect as a place for wooden furniture. 

You can store many toiletries such as dry towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and more in the drawer. In front of the drawer, there will be a mirror with an impressive wooden frame where you can enjoy applying skincare after showering.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinet

Some people like it if their bathroom has a sink and mirror to make it easier when they want to wash their face. You can make a custom bathroom cabinet from teak wood, which is relatively low in size, with a sink and tap at the top. Ceramic or marble sinks can be combined with sturdy teak wood cabinets. 

The cabinet also has drawers and compartments at the bottom. The low legs of the cabinet table are suitable for bathroom conditions so that it is easy for you to clean under it. Then, above the sink, you can hang a mirror with an exotic wooden frame with contemporary Jepara carvings ornaments. You can brush your teeth in front of the mirror, dry your hair with a hair dryer, or shave your beard.

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Wooden Towel Rack

A dry bathroom that has a divider between the wet bathing area and the defecation area is suitable for having a towel rack. You can use this teak wooden towel rack for dry or wet towels after showering and maybe shampooing your hair. You can ask a professional artisan to make an aesthetic custom towel rack to decorate your dry bathroom. 

Kids can also train themselves daily to be responsible for hanging their towels on this wooden rack. You can make this rack low enough for kids to reach it with an attractive design and exciting colors. 

Wooden Furniture for Relaxation

You can also provide a relaxing table and chair in your favorite bathroom. This is the most comfortable area where you can sit back and relax with the occasional chair from teak wood with a low backrest and custom footrest. Don’t forget also to provide a coffee table for props such as phones, tablets, or books and drinks that make you relax. That way, the activity of bathing will feel much more relaxing.

So, if you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture inside your bathroom, you can contact us immediately. We will come to your place full of designs you can choose wisely.