jepara indonesia furniture – Art Deco architectural design in a building has modern decorative characteristics. The design ideas can vary greatly depending on the designer’s direction. Some take design inspiration from Persia, Syria, and Egypt for an Art Deco home concept. However, many people are also adapting rural areas’ calm, tranquil elements by taking decorative art from Southeast Asian wooden furniture with Jepara carvings. 

This carving is ‘rich’ and elegant, so it can enhance all the traditional and contemporary beauty of the Art Deco concept of your home. The wooden furniture design may be simple with a plain table shape. But the Jepara carvings from Indonesia make it chic, full of art and enchanting decoration. 

Enhance the Beauty of Your Art Deco Home with Carved Jepara Teak Wood Furniture

Geometric Patterns on Wooden Chairs

Teak chairs and tables should stand out from other furniture in an Art Deco home. You can use geometric patterns that interior designers usually apply to the Art Deco concept. You can make custom wooden chairs with a square, rectangular, or circular shape that connects at the arms to form a repeating pattern. Likewise with the backseat side. 

The type of chair can use a Windsor, stool, wishbone, or Wassily chair design. You can play with patterns of various arrangements of zig zags, straight lines, or spirals on the backseat or chair legs. 

Besides chair designs with geometric patterns, teak wood coloring is also crucial. You can choose any color for the Art Deco concept. However, it would help if you also considered its suitability for the decoration concept using Jepara carvings. Colors such as warm honey, broken white, white bones, light golden brown, and black can be choices for art deco chairs in your home. 

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Round Shape Table with Pyramid Leg

You may have placed chairs with extraordinary geometric pattern designs on the living room side and a low wooden table with short legs on the four bottom sides. Meanwhile, you can highlight the dining room area, a relaxing space for you and the whole family to chat with a round table.

There is only one table leg, and it is in the bottom center with a typical Egyptian pyramid shape. On the top surface of the table, there is a Jepara carving with a certain design, which then gets a glass cover. This cover is to protect the carving itself. Next, you can use a Windsor or bistro design with the same wood paint color as the table for dining chairs. 

In the living room or dining room, you can also provide sideboards that can store all items so they are easy to find. The teak wood sideboard design can follow the concept of the room. The important thing is that the drawers on the sideboard can hold all the items, so the room is neat. 

You can contact us now if you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture for an Art Deco house concept. We will come to you as soon as possible to see your home’s great possibility to have this shady element from wooden furniture.