indonesia teak furniture – The sky lounge is one of the sweet escapes for people who work in big cities. They like to come to special cafes or restaurants that are taller than most skyscrapers after work. Spending time eating, drinking, chatting with colleagues and enjoying the view of the night sky can relieve fatigue. If they do this more and more, they can get new inspiration.

Sky lounge property owners must be astute in paying close attention to the needs of their customers. They will sit for hours, use a table to complete work on a laptop, and spend the whole night until early morning. You need to provide furniture that is comfortable, resistant to various disturbances and falls into the durable material category.

Teak wood is the best choice that you can rely on for making furniture for sky lounges.

Penetrating the Sky Lounge Concept

The sky lounge concept is more or less the same everywhere. This is a luxurious place to rlax with beautiful views that you don’t usually see in everyday life. What differentiates one sky lounge from another is what impression you want to emphasize. Do you want to offer a charming and classic impression, luxurious and cozy, or contemporary luxury that is accessible to all levels of society.

Whatever the impression that can differentiate your sky lounge from others, you only need teak wood. You can apply this Indonesian pride wood material to various sky lounge concepts. Both simple contemporary luxury class and cozy elegant luxury class. You only need to find a professional craftsman to make the wooden furniture design ideas you dream of come true.

You can start giving details to outdoor furniture that creates the impression of an oasis in the middle of the Sahara. Visitors to your sky lounge should feel refreshed and impressed when they see the rows of wooden furniture such as tables and chairs when they arrive. 

They can also get a comfortable impression when sitting on an eames type teak wood bench which adjusts their body posture even though it looks minimalist in design.

The chair doesn’t have arms but the backrest is quite comfortable with a teak wood latticework and additional thin soft cushions. You can also use a bar stool chair design to give a warm and intimate impression. Especially if there is a bar table in this sky lounge. Even though the stool chair is without a back and arms, it is still comfortable for you to sit on because it has an integration long table that supports your elbows.

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Playground in the Sky Lounge

Some visitors want a cozy place with the best views outside. Just like when they visit somewhere in Bali. They can sit as if they are around the playground. The sky lounge concept currently is quite adaptable to what most customers want. They want an atmosphere that is more intimate like a playground, classy and accessible to everyone.

Many visitors hold gatherings to get to know their fellow or coach better if they are in a group of informal classes like professional writing class. Therefore, they want to sit on the floor with a short couch that has a teak wood frame and a soft backseat.

Then the table is lower than most tables in the lounge so that the sitting position is not too far from the position of the hands on the table. You can make the wooden table square or elongated as needed if visitors want to sit below or just a few centimeters from the floor.

Well, if you need professional help from a trusted craftsman, you can contact us immediately. We have completed the Skyfall project in Maldives that makes everybody satisfied.