jepara indonesia furniture – Many homeowners want the apartment concept to be inside the interior of their house. Apartment concepts in any country always prioritize modernity, practicality, minimalism and easy maintenance. This kind of concept makes many home owners on their own land incorporate the apartment concept into their interiors. Starting from the entryway which has a super slim wooden shoe rack.

Then to a minimalist laundry room with a towel rack or wooden drying rack that doesn’t take up too much space. You can also imitate kitchen furniture such as wooden cabinets for kitchen sets, curved bar tables for accent on the border between the kitchen and other rooms, and stool chairs under the wooden bar table.

All furniture uses sturdy wood that is moisture proof and will definitely last for years. Teak wood is the best wood for furniture in your home with an apartment concept.

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Wooden Furniture for a Studio Apartment

For homes that want to imitate a studio or loft apartment concept, you can consider wooden furniture for dining sets, sofa, bed frame, table, chairs, and kitchen set. Modern studio apartments have now come a long way by utilizing mezzanine floors. The interior of your modern minimalist house will have a mezzanine floor which is one floor high with the ground floor.

There is a sturdy stair leading to the mezzanine floor. On this floor you will place a bed with a teak wood frame or follow the sun bed design like on the beach for those of you who are eccentric. If possible, you can place a wooden nightstand for a night light and a one-seater sofa. Then we go down to the floor under the mezzanine right with the dining set near the kitchen.

You can use this wooden furniture design according to the size of the room. The puzzle dining set design looks suitable for the loft apartment concept. You can unload some stools under the round dining table before it’s time to eat. Meanwhile, for the living room, you can place a three to four-seater sofa with a side table.

Preparing the Best Bistro with Quality Wooden FurnitureJapanese Apartment Concept with Hidden Storage

Your minimalist house can emulate the interior design of a Japanese apartment with several multipurpose furniture and hidden storage. You can make a teak wood cabinet that fits into the wall with the color of the door being exactly the same as the color of your walls. This is a hidden cabinet that minimizes space usage.

Then you can make a custom dining set with a thin but sturdy table surface and one table leg in the form of a round log supporting it at the bottom of the center. The height of the table is low enough to approximate the tea table design in many Japanese apartment concepts. Meanwhile, for the chair, you can use an ottoman chair design with short legs without a backrest.

Next, you can design the bed using a low design palette and then you place the mattress on tip. Simple but classy, right?

So, if you need professional help to decorate your house interior with an apartment concept, you can contact us now. We will ask you about the design of wooden furniture you wish for. Then, we will brainstorm whether it suits your interior.