teak outdoor furniture – Slim houses like the ones we often see in Japanese architects’ vlogs look very nice and can be our inspiration. The price per meter of residential land is currently so expensive, right? For those who want to build a house, they must be really careful in determining the design of the house so that it fits the size of the land they are buying.

Even minimalist houses now have very high prices. So, you can choose a slim house concept like in Japan which doesn’t require too much land. The house will have two or three slim floors with customizable furniture inside. You must be able to invest in durable teak wood material so that for decades to come you won’t have to replace furniture such as chairs, table, dining sets, closet, kitchen sets, etc.

The Hits Darker Wooden Furniture to Decorate Your Townhouse

Teak wood will not rot or become damaged over time. If you are bored with the color, you can change the pain by adjusting it to the color of the walls.

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Wooden Furniture for Best Storage

The most important thing about the slim Japanese house concept is a wall closet that doesn’t look protruding so the room doesn’t become cramped. Wall thickness greatly influences the length and width of the closet. These slim houses usually have an elongated shape with standard wall thickness. Wood craftsmen who usually make custom wall closets will know how to get around building a closet in a slim Japanese house.

You might get a wall closet that is not too long, but the closet extends along the wall of the room. Hanging clothes will tilt 45 degrees for easy storage. At the bottom, it will be a place to store a mattress or shoes. You can apply this wall closet not only in the bedroom but also in the living room and bathroom.

Multipurpose Bed Frame

Japanese people often sleep on tatami using only a thin mattress. However, nowadays many Japanese people like to sleep on high beds with wooden frames. You can make a bed frame from teak wood with a low leg pallet design. This bed frame can also transform into a tea table or desk for writing.

When you are going to sleep, you can tidy up the table then place the mattress on it. The sturdiness of the teak wood throughout the bed will make your sleep safe and sound.

Dining Set in the Living Room

The concept of a slim minimalist house is similar to a studio apartment where the living room is usually the dining room. Therefore, you can order a custom dining set which will be a place to sit for watching TV or receiving guests. The wooden dining set design is simple. The most important thing is that it doesn’t crowd the room and is in accordance with the Japanese slim house concept.

You can choose a low table so everyone can sit under it. However, it can also be a modern dining set design with a high table and dining chairs adjacent to it. The table can be round or square with the adjustment of a slim design chair with slim legs and a backrest. You need to avoid armchairs for this dining set so that the room doesn’t look full.

Well, if you have difficulty adjusting the design of wooden furniture with your home concept, you can contact us now. We will make custom wooden furniture that best suit your slim modern house.