teak garden furniture – Doing fun things at family or colleague gatherings at home can increase our happy hormones. Sometimes fun things are simple like playing cards, battle games, dancing to hit songs, eating big meals and many more. Supportive home furnishings such as a dining table that turns into a game board and chair arms to support popcorn while watching live streaming will add to your excitement in doing this fun thing. Especially if the furniture is made of teak wood.

You can rely on genuine Indonesian teak wood that is strong, durable, termite proof and of course you can create even impossible designs. You can create your own design by looking for inspiration from the internet, books, magazines or places you have visited. You can also ask for help from professional craftsmen to make wooden furniture that can change shape into a shape that is quite different from before.

Is Teak Vintage Furniture Possible to Combine with Modern Style

Professional craftsmen must have often handled a variety of customer requests ranging from simple ideas to unreasonable design ideas.

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Hexagonal Wooden Dining Table

There is a reason why dining tables have such unique designs. Maybe you choose a table design with a hexagon shape because you want to make this table multipurpose too. When you use the table to eat dinner, it may look like an ordinary dining table. Although for those who have only seen hexagon tables, the top surface of this table already looks unique.

The chairs surrounding it also look like ordinary dining chairs. Then shortly after dinner, the fun will begin. You start to remove everything on the surface of the table and then dismantle it. Voila! A concave downward area appears where you can place anything in it. Kids can start putting out the game board, their winning pieces, snacks, and a punishment box filled with flour to mark the faces of the losers.

You and kids can play monopoly, Uno cards, and other games here. The corner of this table has a hole for you to put drinks or other important items during the game.

Most Comfortable Rocking Chair

Who says only old men can sit for a long time in a rocking chair? Many young people now also like rocking chairs because they are that comfortable. After coming home from school, doing campus assignments and tired of working on a laptop, they like to sit on rocking chairs. Now teak wood is one material to make a contemporary and modern design rocking chair.

This rocking chair is safe and will not throw you out. The semicircular shape of the legs takes into account the dynamic ergonomic spring force and keeps you calm. For those who still have to work with gadgets even in their leisure time, they can sit in a chair that has an additional side table.

You just need to pull out an additional side table from the right side of the chair arm until the bottom support fits into the armrest on the left side. Then you can put a laptop or other light gadget on the table. You can type casually while the chair rocks.

So, if you need professional help to make your wooden furniture transform into another level, you can contact us immediately. We will see the design of yours and guide you to make sure it fits your home condition too.