Jepara furniture – The contemporary minimalist container house concept has become part of the modern people’s lifestyle. They want to give a practical industrial touch to their environment. There are those who create container house concepts to utilize narrow land in an area. However, many also use containers to expand the house by adding a mezzanine floor or second and third floors.

Once the container building structure is ready, then you can fill the interior or exterior of the house using wooden furniture. Teak wood can be a wise choice considering that this wood is heat resistant and long lasting. Using containers is often tricky for home owners because they can conduct heat from the surrounding environment.

Teak wood furniture can withstand extreme temperatures in its surroundings and over the years you don’t need to carry out special care for this wooden furniture. Teak wood furniture designs can also be diverse, from simple basics to spectacularly grand. You only need to adapt to the container house concept, wall paint color, floor and lighting insides.

Minimalist Wooden Furniture for Single Container Houses  

The container house concept is compact in design, simple, and versatile enough to make people flock to contractors and interior designers. On sufficient land, they only want to build a single container house which will have at least a living room, dining room, one or two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen.

The choice of furniture is also quite tight considering that usually single container houses are not spacious. You can start from the living room where this room is close to the entryway. 

You can place a coffee table in a curved or modular shape where the people there can sit relaxed on the floor or on chairs while looking out the door. Then you need to adjust the width of the chair to the portion of the room.

Don’t let the teak wood chairs or sofa be too big to crowd the living room and narrow the entrance to the next room. You can choose a one to three-seater sofa that will adjust to the width of the coffee table. Apart from that, the wooden accent or lounge chairs with slender legs and a sloping seat can also be quite attractive design choices.

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Wooden Furniture in a Spacious Container House

You can give an impactful layout to a spacious container house by placing an accent buffet or sideboard cabinet opposite or behind the sitting area in the living room. If possible, you can place photos, flower vases, and several magazines on a cabinet that is commensurate with your chest or hip height. However, teak wood sideboards or cabinets with Indonesian Jepara carvings will provide a warm accent when guests enter the living room.

Then, we move on to the dining room where a round or square table that you can disassemble like a puzzle can be the highlight. The legs of this table will form a slim letter S silhouette. Meanwhile, for the dining chairs, you can choose the benton chair, stool bar, or shell dining chairs designs.

Next, we move to the top floor where there is the master room and kids’ rooms. A teak wood frame in the form of a pallet can be an attractive choice to adapt to the concept of a two-story container house. 

Then, we have a wooden wall closet that juts out that will be a defining highlight of the master room. Don’t forget the nightstand right next to the bed and a one-seater sofa complete with footrest near the window.

So, if you need professional help to make the custom teak wood furniture inside your container house, you can contact us now. We will give you everything you need to make the whole design work.