Indonesia furniture – A caravan is what we need to spend holiday time in nature. Dad can take his family camping somewhere in a caravan that he has prepared as fully as possible. In the caravan, there is everything they need. It’s exactly like moving the contents of a house into a caravan. There is a seat made of teak wood frame with soft cushions next to the driver’s seat where the mother can sit there while helping the father when traveling.

Then in the middle of the caravan, there is a folding wooden table attached to the wall that kids can pull when they want to enjoy the view outside while having their meals. Meanwhile, deeper inside, the mother can cook in a simple kitchen with a stove and everything inside a small wooden cabinet. If they find the best place to camp, they can enjoy a big cookout outside. 

Then the back of the caravan will be the best place to sleep and play. There is a custom bed with a soft mattress on top. At least this is enough for 3 people to unwind after playing there.

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How Can a Caravan Carry Household Furniture Everywhere?  

You can do anything if you meet the right team. Including a team of craftsmen who will show you that you can take teak wood furniture anywhere to make your work easier. Teak wood is hard when you tap, tends to be reddish brown, is quite even throughout the wood, and has dense pores. It is more durable than most other woods. 

Professional craftsmen can design compact teak wood furniture to fit the capacity of a caravan. They will not design something that makes it difficult for you during the trip. They will follow the concept that you have designed perfectly. The most important thing in a caravan that will explore many places is basic furniture such as chairs, tables, cupboards, storage, and beds.

You just need to look for a design that best meets the standards for the caravan’s interior conditions. 

One Seater Sofa for Caravan

The condition of the interior of the caravan which may not be as large as the living room inside your house should make you choose a minimalist wooden chair. You can make a custom one-seater sofa that you will place next to the driver’s seat. You as a driver navigator need to sit comfortably so you can steer well. 

This sofa can have a low back design so that when you step from behind to sit it doesn’t disturb the driver’s concentration. Then you can fill the seat with super soft cushions made of cotton, velvet, or whatever material you like. This minimalist sofa is only an additional chair. You can lift this chair if at any time you need to sit behind it. 

So, when will you call us to modify your caravan with the proper design of wooden furniture? We will show you how our team works to make it good and safe.