teak garden furniture – The classic Dutch colonial house concept is still the choice of people who live in big cities or rural areas. They have large areas of land where they build that one-floor house concept with spacious rooms. The neo-classical style, which focuses on Greek and Roman architectural styles, makes interior designers always have ideas to preserve the sacredness of their concepts.

They place several pieces of wooden furniture in all available rooms. The design also receives special treatment, considering that the concept of a Dutch colonial house is already magnificent. Choosing colors that tend to be dramatic in wooden furniture is also their priority so that this can give a magical touch to the house without losing its identity.

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Wooden Furniture in Communal Area

Dutch colonial concept houses often had large meeting rooms, which we now call communal areas. You can talk about serious things with group members and chat casually for hours. The host often serves various dishes here. Snacks, heavy dishes, desserts, and coffee are typical of long meetings. 

Therefore, you need to provide appropriate furniture for this communal room. Customize the furniture with thick brick walls, tile ceilings with plain white color, and Dutch marble floors. 

The sturdy look of this house’s interior construction fits perfectly with the classic fauteuil chair design. This timeless classic chair design from France looks straightforward: a teak wood frame with arms and sofa cushions on the backseat and seat. This chair would be elegant if you placed it in the corner of the room, communal room, or living room.

With hazelnut wood paint color on the frame and soft blue or soft green sofa cushions colored like an octopus at the bottom of the sea, the fauteuil chair’s look supports the house’s sacred classicism. Also, provide a table that will accommodate lots of stuff and food. 

You can adapt the triangle oblong table model where this type of table is always inside the room meeting. You can do the meeting while eating. The shape of this teak wood table is wide enough to hold lots of dishes, complete with flower and plant decorations. 

Teak Wood Sofa Bench in a Limited Space
Teak Wood Sofa Bench in a Limited Space

Classic Kitchen Cabinet

Suppose in colonial times, the kitchen always had a long wooden table to store various cooking utensils and food ingredients. In that case, today’s Dutch colonial houses have a kitchen cabinet that integrates with the fireplace. Sometimes, it combines with a bar table, complete with stool chairs in front of it. You need to think about a kitchen cabinet design that is classic but still contemporary.

The curved half-circle design hanging above the kitchen wall is attractive enough to discuss its creation with the nearest wood artisans. Some parts of the cabinet are high until they touch the top of the ceiling and the floor. This tall cabinet should be at the end of the room where you can put the refrigerator. 

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