Jepara furniture – The concept of wood for cafes is nothing new. If you focus on quality furniture such as teak wood from Indonesia, you will be able to create a charming cafe interior and exterior design. Jepara carvings on teak wood furniture can also elevate the vibe of your cafe.

We know that the wood concept is enough to make visitors feel at home. This is a warm concept, makes you comfortable, and adds a lot of inspiration. The concept of using teak wood is not just a matter of layout arrangement. This also involves choosing paint colors for furniture, design, and how you represent the philosophy of your own cafe.

The Importance of Embellishing the Interior of Your Cafe with Custom Wooden FurnitureCafe Main Furniture Designs

There are so many different cafe chair designs that you can adapt as teak wood chair models. Likewise, table designs do not always have to be round, square or elongated. You can make a table in the shape of a curved piece that looks dynamic and ethnically modern as a single coffee table in the corner of the window.

You can also divide the cafe sections for different needs with models of tables, chairs, and other furniture in each section. There is an area to relax and have fun where you place the French Bistro chair with thin teak wood legs as support but sturdy. 

Then you can place special stool chairs for the area where you store certain drinks with a teak wood table. The table is rather high and long but can still support the visitors’ elbows.

Meanwhile, there is an area where visitors usually work on laptops, doing the little circle meeting, and stay away from noise. You can use a wooden partition as a marker if it’s a different area then place the equipale chair. The entire chair of this long seater sofa has teak wood material with calming pastel colors. Then you can give the seat and backrest soft cushions with fabric that matches the paint color of the chair.

There are many things you can explore so that the contemporary wood concept can increase the elegance of your cafe.

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Aesthetic Storage Cupboard

The cafe always has a menu of various types and flavors of coffee. Cafes definitely need a coffee bean storage cupboard which can be an attractive ornament in the cafe. Teak wood cabinets with stunning Jepara carvings can be the first object that visitors see when entering the cafe.

You need to place a wooden cupboard high up to the ceiling as if the two connect to each other. Coffee beans in beautiful containers will occupy shelf after shelf of the cupboard. You can cover the cupboard with transparent glass or leave it open. If you leave it open, make sure the cafe is always clean and from nuisance creatures such as rats and cockroaches.

You can paint wooden cupboards in a soft white that matches the chairs and tables in the cafe. You can also choose another wood paint color that can highlight the display side of the cupboard.

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