teak outdoor furniture – During the rainy season, the condition of your house tends to be damp, especially in the area around the wall. The homeowners have to prepare for many things. Not only talk about the roof leaks and wall damage but one important thing that you have to pay attention to is on your teak furniture.  

Even though it is generally believed that teak furniture is water and termite resistant, you still have to pay attention to the weather conditions because the rainy season lasts a relatively long time. It will be possible for your teak furniture condition to change. So that your teak furniture remains well-maintained and sturdy. Besides, teak furniture with good care will extend its service life. 

Give Distance Between Walls and Teak Furniture

Most of the wooden teak furniture is attached to the wall such as sofas, chairs, cupboards, and beds. Then during the rainy season, you have to leave the space for at least 15-20 cm from the wall or the window. It reduces the humidity. Apart from that, this method is also highly recommended to avoid scratches on your teak furniture from the wall.

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Good Room Ventilation

A ventilated house is the best way to deal with the humidity of the room. Ventilation also helps regulate air humidity conditions. It helps your teak furniture stay maintained due to the movement of dry air from the teak wood. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to have a cross-ventilated room at home, if you want to ensure proper care of your teak furniture. In condition at least when sunny days, the sunlight comes into the room even though the sunny days will be at least one or two days in a week. It reduces the humidity levels.

Avoid Using the Wet Cloth

Avoid using a wet cloth to clean your teak furniture at home. It is better to use a cloth made from dry and clean fabric. Especially during the dry season, what you need to pay attention to is the dust should not be left on the furniture for a long time. It makes it difficult to clean it later which can make the teak furniture break in the form of scratches. Thus, clean it regularly.

Use a Humidifier at Home

If you use a humidifier you can control the temperature and humidity level of the room. Investing in a humidifier makes your teak wooden furniture last longer even if it is during the long rainy season time. As it is known, teak furniture is one of the most expensive furniture thus you have to make the value of it as its price.

Those are some ways that you can cure your wooden teak furniture during the rainy season. Make sure you have to check the condition of your teak furniture regularly. It is the most important point of all.

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