Indonesia furniture – The area under the stairs often leaves a void that makes us want to fill it. Most home or shop owners just place a number of cardboard boxes in that area so it looks unsightly. It’s similar to a warehouse. Everytime we pass through this area we become worried about whether there are mice or cockroaches inhabiting that damp area.

You have one solution to make the area under the stairs more useful and aesthetic. There are so many creative ways you can do this. One of them is placing a number of teak wood furniture with adjustments to the design, size, and color. You can use the area under the stairs according to your needs and size.

Minimalist Work Space

Kids and parents can use this area as a place to work on their laptop or play with their gadgets. You can put a teak wood table that fits the size of the room together with the chair. Square shaped table is perfect with or without drawers. You can adjust it to the size of the room.

The teak wood chair uses a chiavari design that you can tuck under the table after work. You can also use a wooden folding chair if you don’t want to take up too much space.

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Storage Minimalist Room and Pantry

The area under the stairs close to the kitchen can be a storage area or pantry. You can place a cupboard with a design that follows the shape of the area under the stairs. The shape of the room usually resembles a trapezoid or isosceles triangle. Therefore, you have to make a custom cupboard with the help of a professional craftsman.

You can make several storage drawers at the bottom and middle of the cupboard. Then make the shelves quite wide at the top. You must also provide a closing door with a knob and keyhole to make it difficult to reach this area.

On the other hand, you can also use the area under the stairs as a pantry by placing a wooden coffee table and small chairs. You can use bentwood or havelock chair designs. Adjust the size of the teak wood bracket to the area. To beautify it, you can give it a unique Jepara carving.

A Place for Kids to Display Toys

Kids will feel proud if their toy collection can fill a special room. Even though it is under the stairs, you will create a cool toy display room which consists of a sturdy custom teak table, wooden shelves with soft carvings typical of Indonesian sculpture, and a small chair for kids to play on.

The table can be round if you intend to place it in the middle of the room. While a small shelf will fill the entire top side of the space under the stairs. Kids will put small toys up there where anyone can freely look at them. Next, you can also make a small tolix model chair from teak wood. Kids will enjoy sitting there for a long time while arranging their toys.

So, if you need help from a professional to provide custom wooden furniture for a space under the stairs, you can contact as any time. We will build some designs together with you.