jepara indonesia furniture – Wedding venues are often the topic of conversation when friends meet after a long time apart or have attended an acquaintance’s wedding. How impressed the guests are at the wedding because the venue is also amazing. The decoration is impressive and represents the wedding dream of the bride and groom. Especially if they use a contemporary rustic theme with all wooden modern tables, chairs, folding wooden chairs, and an aisle with custom lounge chairs.

You can apply a touch of wooden furniture such as teak wood from Indonesia to the wedding venue with beautiful designs. Currently, many five-star hotels and wedding halls are also using Scandinavian-looking wooden themes with white and broken white paint on the furniture as wedding venue decorations. This decoration is close to nature, rusticity, and rich simplicity. 

Build Unforgettable Moments with Contemporary Wooden Furniture for Wedding VenuesEven if you use a warehouse and an outdoor setting such as a vineyard, several pieces of wooden furniture with charming designs will look majestic and special. A warm and intimate atmosphere will also be the color of this wedding venue with a wooden or rustic theme. 

Wooden Furniture for Rustic Casual Wedding Venue

Many bridal couples prefer a rustic-themed wedding because they want to highlight a warm atmosphere with the feeling of returning home and having a comfortable feeling. The relaxed atmosphere of eating with family and those who you love after tying sacred vows is the main part of the rustic casual wedding theme. 

A long teak wood table with calming neutral colors will blend with sturdy teak chairs and a simple design in the center of the venue. This is the charm of this intimate wedding. You can also use teak wood pallets with an elongated shape as a photo spot for the bride and important guests. 

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Rows of Teak Wood Chairs for Outdoor Ceremonies

For outdoor ceremonies, you can arrange rows of teak wood chairs with slim and elegant designs throughout the garden area. White, broken white, black, gold, or dark brown paint on Chiavari wooden chairs or cafe bistro chairs will add an elegant impression to this outdoor area. 

If necessary, on the spine in the middle of the back of each chair, there is a ribbon or bunch of flowers that match the color of the overall decoration. Meanwhile, you have to take a look at the round tables which will be a place for guests to eat and talk during the garden party. You need to use the same teak wood with a contemporary, classy design, and a color that is not much different from the row of chairs. 

Don’t forget to place roses or other flower petals and green plants as decoration on the table after the beautiful knitted tablecloth. 

If you need professional help to create a contemporary rustic wedding venue with wooden furniture, you can contact us immediately. We will visit and share with you what kind of work we can do to make it happen. Do not hesitate to provide your wooden furniture design too and let us know what you are going to do.