Teak Drawers are large compartments made from teak wood which are used as places for various items, such as clothing, accessories, documents, tools or other items, usually in the form of a square box equipped with a panel on the front so that you can easily pull or push teak drawers. This component is usually found in various types of furniture such as chests, dressers, cabinets, side boards, desks and other Indonesia furniture collections.

Teak Drawers are efficient places as storage areas, storage solutions in a vertical arrangement so that they save space, keep the room tidy and organized, easy to access, hidden from view when not in use. Teak Drawers consist of many sizes to choose from, adjusted to the needs of the room and the house as a whole, as well as designs that can also be chosen according to personal taste.

Teak Drawers are equipped with a front panel in addition to its functional side, which can also add to the aesthetic factor, so that the appearance is more beautiful to look at, coupled with decorations to make it look more attractive, apart from its main function for opening and closing compartments.

Teak drawers compared to other types of materials for the same manufacture, have many advantages that can be put forward. This type of wood is known to be durable so that it guarantees long-term use, is resistant to humidity, has a stunning natural appearance, and can appear in various design styles, so that there are quite a lot of model choices to choose from.

Teak Drawers Functions

There are many benefits of using teak drawers, for various needs of daily activities, they are used in a lot of furniture according to their needs. In the following, an overview of its important functions will be given in general:

  • Storage. As a storage place for various kinds of goods to be organized, neat and easy to access, for example, such as storing clothes and accessories, document files, personal belongings, valuables and many other items.
  • Organization . The regulatory function so that the room is kept neat and orderly, including separating items according to their respective categories, so that it is easier and not confusing when you want to find and use them, everything is arranged in a systematic manner.
  • Space Optimization. Being able to optimize space so that it still makes it spacious, feels spacious, because items are stored neatly in place, neatly organized vertically, so that you can use vertical space as a storage area so that it automatically makes the room feel wider.
  • Concealment. As a place to hide things, so the room doesn’t look messy because lots of things are scattered. Thus items can be stored neatly, including maintaining their privacy, on the other hand making the room cleaner and neater.
  • Protection. serves as a place of protection especially from conditions that have the potential to cause disturbance or damage, such as protecting from dust, sunlight or humid conditions.
  • Easy Access. With both appearance and function, Teak Drawers also function to facilitate access to these stored items, especially if they are well organized, so you don’t need to be confused looking for them or have to rummage through places looking for these items.
  • Aesthetics. In addition to its functionality, teak drawers also have the function of adding to the attractiveness of the visual appearance of the room. Its beautiful appearance and additional decorative elements make the indoor scene more pleasing to the eye.

teak drawersTypes of Teak Drawers

Several types of teak drawers are available and can be used for various purposes of the user. The following describes specifically about the style model:

1. Standard Teak Drawers

It is the most common and widely used form, as in dressers, chests, cabinets, side boards or desks. The shape of a rectangular box is equipped with a panel in front which functions to pull out or push in when finished using it. This standard form can be used as a place to store many types of goods as needed.

2. Deep Teak Drawers

This shape compared to the standard model has more depth, which functions to be able to store items with a larger capacity, for example a place to store a large number of clothes, or thicker than the usual size, such as blankets, sweaters or clothes made of jeans. The shape of the deep model is found in many uses in bedroom dressers or other large storage function furniture.

3. Shallow Teak Drawers

As the name suggests, this type is characterized by a relatively shallow storage area, very useful for storing relatively small items, such as foot cases, underwear or storage of accessory collections. The use of the shallow type is often found in furniture dressers, nightstands or bathroom cabinets.

4. File Teak Drawers

This model is made and designed specifically for storing files and documents so that they can be arranged neatly and orderly. Usually equipped with a suspension feature, the function of hanging files easily, so that they can be easily taken or placed back without difficulty. This type can be found in filing cabinets, office desks and also home office furniture.

5. Hidden Teak Drawers

Lately, new models have become popular, featuring interesting features, one of which is the type of hidden teak drawers. The model features a secret compartment, made according to a certain structure, so that the place is neatly hidden as an additional storage area that is not visible when opened casually. This is of course carefully made and designed, so it still looks neat from the outside.

6. Jewelry Teak Drawers

Models made specifically aim as a place to store valuable items such as jewelry, watches or others. Made specifically to protect these valuable items, including features of dividers, felt lining or velvet inserts, which function to protect against scratches or creasing. Model jewelry is often found in dedicated jewelry boxes, armoires or on vanity tables.

7. Sliding Teak Drawers

Models feature mechanical sliders, for easier opening and closing. This feature makes the process more practical, uses less energy so that everything becomes easier. Sliding mechanism models can be found in kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities as well as storage units, where it will be very helpful to use this system.