Outdoor Kitchen are now increasingly popular as one of the designs for parts of the house that are in great demand, because they are an alternative choice to refresh the atmosphere, be closer to nature, and breathe the outdoor air. Lots of ideas for making an outdoor kitchen area can be chosen according to taste and in accordance with the overall home design concept. Here are some of them:

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

1. Covered Patio Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen located on the terrace of the house, has complete equipment and facilities to support its activities, including grills, countertops, sinks, cabinets and includes an eating area as well. This design makes it possible to hold banquets at any time outdoor, without being constrained by hot or rainy weather.

2. Poolside Kitchen

Placement of outdoor kitchen on the side of the swimming pool, is a fun place for outdoor cooking, eating and drinking activities. All equipment related to cooking activities can be placed poolside, including the roasting area, until the storage refrigerator can be placed through the proper arrangement.

3. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Create a comfortable, rustic-themed atmosphere in the outdoor cooking activity area, which can be made or made of natural stone or brick. Add rustic nuanced cooking utensils, made from natural materials as a complement to the natural rural atmosphere, making it look charming all the time.

4. Modern Minimalist Kitchen

The sleek, clean minimalist look makes it look modern and sophisticated. Usually for this design, materials made of stainless steel, concrete countertops, including cabinetry in a minimalist style are used to support the modern appearance of the outdoor kitchen.

5. Mediterranean-Inspired

Showing the aesthetics of a typical Mediterranean character in the outdoor area characterized by warm color combinations, the mosaic tiles are equipped with wrought-iron accents. Additional similar facilities can also be added, such as a wood-fired oven, a built-in grill or you can also add a bar area for a relaxed situation to further strengthen the Mediterranean character created.

6. Rooftop Kitchen

Utilizing the rooftop area is also a brilliant and creative idea to create a new atmosphere for cooking in an outdoor area while enjoying the stunning scenery around it. There you can install a grill area, a compact kitchen island plus comfortable outdoor seating so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the horizon while cooking in the morning, in the evening when the sun is about to set, or at night accompanied by the moonlight.

7. Portable Kitchen

In outdoor places it is also very possible to build portable designs, if you want an outdoor kitchen but is not permanent, which allows flexibility of location or easy rearrangement of configurations at any time. Various portable outdoor options are available, such as modern kitchen islands on wheels or freestanding grills equipped with practical folding chairs.

8. Barbecue Pit

Designate a special area, which can be used as a place to hold a barbecue party complete with a built-in barbecue pit
as a place to bake, cook or smoke food. Several seating furniture options have been added around it, so that it becomes a place to sit casually, mingle while enjoying the available food.

9. Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Installation of a place for baking pizza as in general, can be made of bricks or clay, or installation using other solid materials, equipped with countertops for food preparation including an area for dining, in order to be able to immediately enjoy the food there too, of course, is an experience. interesting outdoor, unique other than the others.

10. Greenery and Garden Kitchen

The choice of placement in a typical garden area with a green appearance, refreshing atmosphere, along with beautiful ornamental plants and fresh outdoor air, creates a refreshing atmosphere, making it an attractive choice for cooking in a kitchen that is outside the home.

Various Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

Various furniture needs can be used for this purpose, such as the function of storing equipment and materials, organizing, preparing food, as well as the eating activity itself. Here are some important items for this purpose:

1. Cabinets

It is the main furniture that must be present in any outdoor kitchen setting, because it functions vitally as a place to store various cooking needs, including for eating and drinking. These cabinets come in various styles and models according to your needs and tastes.

outdoor kitchen2. Kitchen Islands

This multipurpose furniture is the center for cooking activities. This includes several compartments to support easy activities, such as drawers, cabinets and open shelves as an alternative storage area that can be used.

3. Kitchen Carts

is movable furniture with wheels at the bottom, useful for transporting food and drinks from one place to another practically. This furniture is also equipped with supporting compartments that function as extra storage areas such as shelves, drawers and baskets at the bottom. Besides that, it also has a countertop space that can be optimized for its function.

4. Dining Tables and Chairs

needed so that it can be used to enjoy cooking results comfortably. You can choose the shape according to taste or also adjust to the existing area. Also included with the same function are bar stools, as an alternative choice for enjoying food, drinks or an outdoor atmosphere.

5. Storage Pantry

This furniture plays a role in storing food ingredients, cooking utensils, cutlery and their settings so that they are more accessible and accessible. Thus it is a solution for all activities related to storage problems.

6.Kitchen Hutches

is a stand-alone piece of furniture which is a combination of an open area at the top, with a cupboard at the bottom, doubles as a display area for items needed in the cooking process, and also provides a closed area for storage of items that are not currently in use. needed.

7. Kitchen Desks

A special place is dedicated to cooking activities, so that the process can be more focused and orderly, not mixed up with others. It also includes a storage area, a place to store and organize paperwork, bills or stationery for the purpose of recording matters related to these activities.

Teak Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

The use of Teak Wood as a basic material for making outdoor kitchen can add value to its beauty and functionality. This is because its natural appearance will give its own beauty that is natural and very amazing. Besides that, using teak wood will guarantee longer use because it is durable and resistant to various kinds of outdoor conditions.

Teak Outdoor Kitchen furniture has many choices of options, you can choose according to its use and function, and adjust to the overall design of the room. You can find the following options: Teak Cabinets, Teak Countertops, Teak Dining Set, Teak Bar Cart or Trolley, Teak Cutting Boards and Utensils, Teak Outdoor Bar, Teak Decorative Accents and many other choices.