Indonesian Teak Cabinet are one of the choices of furniture that has many uses besides its main function as a storage place for interests at home, such as the kitchen, living room, office or other places so that it is stored safely, neatly protected, and easily accessible when needed or later stored again. .

All storage needs in Indonesian Teak Cabinet so that everything is well organized, arranged systematically, so as to support efficient use of space. Moreover, stored goods are protected from various conditions, such as dust, humidity, exposure to sunlight or other possible damage.

Another function of the Indonesian Teak Cabinet is as a suitable place to place various display items. Moreover, some of the designs are equipped with glass doors, shelves and lighting so that it makes their appearance even more attractive. This of course adds to the aesthetic beauty factor to the overall concept of the room, becoming a cohesive and harmonious decoration element, supporting the entire conceptualized design scheme.

Furthermore, the Indonesian Teak Cabinet is also able to function as a functional integration of various uses into one, thus providing practical meaning of functional furniture in the room or area where it is placed. Apart from being a storage area, it can also play a role as a family entertainment center, multifunctional displays combined into one with only one type of furniture. Thus in the end it can support the optimization of the use of space and space area.

The Difference Between Indonesian Teak Cabinet and Similar Furniture

To distinguish it from other furniture, the following explains further about its differences and functions compared to the others.

Indonesian Teak Cabinet vs Cupboard. Between these two types of furniture, the structure of the Indonesian Teak Cabinet is more complex, which is a combination of several functions, including doors, drawers, shelves and even special compartments that are deliberately prepared, and is more multifunctional to be used in various rooms, while the cupboard structure is simpler and more compact.

Indonesian Teak Cabinet vs Closet. From the description of the definition of the cabinet above, the difference with the closet is that the closet is more a storage area for clothes and accessories. Inside there is a hanging rod for hanging clothes, provided shelves and sometimes there are also drawers as an alternative for additional storage.

Indonesian Teak Cabinet vs Wardrobe. wardrobe function or commonly known as an armoire is more similar to a closet as well, to store various clothing needs, usually placed in the bedroom or dressing room. Usually the size of the wardrobe is quite large, made of wood, accommodates various clothing needs or complementary accessories, so that the arrangement becomes more efficient.

indonesian teak cabinetTypes of Indonesian Teak Cabinets

Indonesian Teak Cabinets have several types, each of which has uses according to their needs. Each type has unique characteristics and characteristics, distinguishing them from one another. The following describes the various types:

1. Chest and Trunk

Sturdy, strong-designed storage area with a complete lid and hinges. Available in various sizes along with a choice of style models, serves to store various needs such as clothing, as well as other personal items. Chests and Trunks are usually equipped with decorative elements such as metal ornaments, genuine leather decorative edges, or additional carvings to add beauty to their appearance.

2. Closet

Indonesian Teak Cabinets, which are multipurpose furniture, are able to function for various purposes and functions according to the required needs. Some of the types include the following:

A. Display Cabinet

This type of Indonesian Teak Cabinet has the function of being a place to display many valuable collections, such as luxury porcelain, glassware, to personal favorite collectibles. Apart from being a place for display, it also includes protecting it so that its appearance remains visually attractive and long lasting. The appearance is often equipped with glass doors or glass shelves so that the view of the display items becomes clearer.

B. Curio’s wardrobe

Similar in appearance and function to display cabinets, antique cupboards for storing valuable collections or unique decorative elements. The appearance has glass panels that are either placed on the side or in front, useful for optimizing the visual appearance.

C. China Cabinet

This type is specialized for displaying high-value porcelain wares, and storing luxury tableware. The door is mostly made of glass, features a built-in place to put a dining shelf inside.

3. Sideboards and Buffets

Low structured long cupboard, designed for use as dining room furniture. This place provides a place to store a variety of dining room needs. For this reason, there are various supporting compartments in it such as drawers, shelves and a special area as a display area for displaying decorative items to enhance appearance.

4. Wardrobes and Armoires

It is an Indonesian Teak Cabinet in the form of a large cupboard with its main function as a place to store clothes and their supporting accessories. For this purpose, there is a function for hanging clothes, shelves, drawers and compartments to accommodate these needs. Wardrobes are usually stand-alone units, whereas armoires, in addition to being free-standing, can be wall-mounted.

5. Entertainment Centers

Indonesian Teak Cabinet entertainment centers are specifically designed to accommodate and be a place to accommodate audio-visual equipment and its supporting media, from televisions, media players, game consoles. This type is also equipped with storage media to accommodate the entertainment media. Often manufacturing also includes built-in speaker systems including cable management systems.

6. File Cabinets

Indonesian Teak Cabinet which is used as a place to store archive files and important documents. The size is adjusted to the file or document, for example letter size to legal size, can be placed in the office or also as a representative home office property. To make it more secure, you can add a safety lock if needed.

7. Kitchen Cabinets

The Indonesian Teak Cabinet is an item of furniture that has an important function in the kitchen, used as a storage place for various kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, cutlery and drinkware, plates, pans to food ingredients. The various configurations are tailored to personal tastes to satisfy visually, as well as functionally make it easier for kitchen users to use and return them without difficulty.