Buy Furniture from Indonesia is one of the best buying decisions in procuring goods, because experience has proven its quality as well as many positive recommendations about it. Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer has long experience in handling international trade, so they are able to overcome various obstacles that usually arise such as language barriers or logistical difficulties.

Buy Indonesia Furniture certainly has many advantages to be had, especially if the form of purchase is in the term of wholesale furniture. Besides getting quality products, along with guarantees of certified authenticity and professional after sales service, of course you will get quality products at competitive prices, cheaper than buying from other countries.

Indonesia Furniture, buy furnitureBuy Indonesia Wholesale Furniture

If you are interested and want to buy wholesale furniture from Indonesia smoothly, then you should not ignore the following points, and make them a general guide during the process. Here are some important factors worth noting:

1. Research and Identify Suppliers

Conduct research and research on potential suppliers, check carefully about the company’s general description, reputation, portfolio, customer service and feedback from previous buyers. Prioritize suppliers with specialization in the field of furniture, even better if they have specialties in using certain types of wood, for example specialists in making teak furniture.

2. Contact and Inquire

The next process is to make introductory contact and ask clearly about what is needed regarding ordering furniture, especially regarding details of wholesale purchases. provide a clear picture of the needs to be ordered, including the number of orders and the conditions that must be met. Also get clear information regarding the minimum order quantity, pricing system, shipping terms and other important related matters.

3. Compare and Evaluate

From several contacts of potential supplier candidates who have been asked for prior information, we can begin to compare and evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of each supplier, including the contents of the offer, prices as well as terms and conditions of purchase. Also consider product quality, production capacity, profitable mining services. You don’t have to decide that you choose the cheapest one, because it’s not necessarily of good quality, so you should consider the value of the product more.

4. Request samples

It is also a good idea to ask for samples of Indonesian Furniture products before buying in bulk so that you know more clearly and directly about the quality and condition of the goods according to the description previously provided. For this, there may be costs in the process, especially if this is the first negotiating contact to buy Indonesia Furniture.

5. Place an Order

After being sure about the quality and reputation of buyers from Indonesia, the next step is to place orders as needed. Be sure to have a clear and written contract regarding all items related to buying furniture from Indonesia, such as sales terms, pricing, terms of payment, and shipping procedures including the schedule carefully.

6. Long Term Cooperation

If all processes run smoothly, then prepare for a good long-term relationship with suppliers. Thus a mutually beneficial relationship will arise where for buyers, in addition to getting better prices, access to the latest product updates, as well as guarantees of smooth transaction services going forward.

Buy Furniture Direct from Manufacturer

Buying furniture directly from the manufacturer is certainly a profitable choice, especially if the purchase is made in large quantities. Some of the benefits that can be taken include:

1. Cost Savings

The potential for cost savings is quite large and significant, because several cost items can be eliminated, such as intermediary, distributor and retailer costs, so that the potential for mark-up costs can also be eliminated.

2. Customization Options

Allows for flexibility in custom made options, tailored to specific needs and personal preferences, so that the results can be more satisfying to the customer.

3.Quality Control

By being able to communicate directly, including directly seeing the production process, you can implement quality control through inspection or direct checks in the field.