Are you looking for the latest Indonesia furniture manufacturer with amazing quality? Or maybe you are in the mood for a change in the design of the furniture inside your home? It seems that you are in the right place, because here at Republic Furniture, all your expectations can be fulfilled quickly. Want to know why?

Creating the right furniture for various types of houses is not easy. It takes patience and meticulousness to ensure that the design chosen is to the liking of many customers. Therefore, many efforts were made to create the most attractive designs as well as the most durable materials. It is what we do in Republic Furniture. We search for the most attractive design that matches the best quality. So that many customers can feel satisfied whenever they get Indonesia furniture from manufacturer.

There are several selections of furniture available in the store. Most of the collections present interesting designs and affordable prices. Not to mention that all products are complete with suitable guarantee and magnificent finishing. So that it can make you feel that you have come to the right place ever. For further information about our product, check the following paragraphs.

Republic Furniture Indonesia

Best Indonesia furniture manufacturer
Indonesia furniture manufacturer
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Teak wood Quality Control
indonesia furniture manufacturer
indonesia furniture manufacturer 2

Sofa Indonesia Furniture Product

sofa indonesia furniture
Ratan Sofa Indonesia furniture
bes indonesia furniture manufacturer
Teak wood Sofa
teak indonesia furniture
Sofa Teak wood furniture
Sofa white Indonesia teak furniture
Sofa white Indonesia teak furniture
Ratan Sofa bed
Ratan Sofa bed
Grey sofa furniture Indonesia
Grey sofa furniture Indonesia

Chair Set Furniture

Dining table outdoor Indonesia furniture
Dining table teak wood X Iron
Dining table teak wood X Iron
Dining table Indonesia furniture
Dining table Indonesia furniture
Arm chair
Arm chair
round teak chair Indonesia furniture
round teak chair Indonesia furniture
Square dining set chair
Square dining set chair

Best Seller Indonesia furniture Product

picardi outdoor sofa set
picardi outdoor sofa set
Moines Outdoor Indonesia Furniture
Bar chair set
Bar chair set
Bar set table
Bar set table

Show room Indonesia Furniture

show rooms Indonesia furniture
show rooms Indonesia furniture 3
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We produce furniture from various materials such as teak, aluminum, stainless steel, and various wicker made of rattan which we may not present on our website because it is a unique design from our customers. we can help make special furniture from the designs you make and according to your specifications. This special request is usually for several projects such as hotel, house, resort and restaurant projects.

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The Importance of Selecting Material Quality

Apart from the design, the material is one of the most important considerations to get the good and durable furniture. Buying a piece of Indonesia furniture means considering its use for a longer period. So, it’s not surprising that many people making hard thinking before deciding on the most suitable place to get their expected furniture. 

Similar to what we do in Republic Furniture. Here, we try to develop the best product which comes from the best material too. That is why we always select premium material quality to guarantee the quality result of our furniture. Furthermore, there are many advantages of good quality material for your furniture for example rattan or teak wood. Some of the advantages include the following lists.

Rattan wood
teak Indonesia furniture
Teak Wood Grade A

The Furniture is Dependable

In a different way from furniture made of bad quality material, furniture with strong and durable material is dependable. We can realy on the strength of the furniture to be used for a long time. In addition, furniture made of sturdy materials will certainly not be easily damaged. Under no circumstances can the furniture survive well and perform its functions to the fullest.

Supports a High Quality of Life

Premium material means premium furniture as a result. When we decide to have this premium furniture, it means the furniture will be able to support a high quality of life. It is not a secret that good furniture that lasts for years will help to support your comfortless level when using it. Therefore, we can increase our comfort when using the furniture until any time in the future. This sense of comfort provides a better quality of life to be enjoyed together with the furniture.

It Saving Cost

Using a durable material will lead you to a minimum cost for the furniture budget. When you can use the furniture for a longer period, you don’t have to spend money to buy a new one. Compare with furniture made of bad quality material, this can help you to save more money and use it for other necessary needs. Therefore, durable furniture will help you save more costs in the end.

Less Maintenance

Selecting suitable premium material for your furniture can help you to avoid too much maintenance. Everyone will love less maintenance since it requires less time, less effort, and less cost. Therefore, it is a good selection for those who hope not to clean the furniture too frequently.

Teak Wood Material

Currently, at Republic Furniture Indonesia furniture manufacturer, we utilize premium grade teak wood that has dried from certified sustainable sources. Teak wood is ideal for any outdoor furniture due to its resilience in weather conditions such as sun, rain, ice, and snow. Furthermore, the nature of the fiber and its color has created their features.

According to Wikipedia, Teak or Tectona grandis is a Lamiaceae family tropical hardwood tree. This wood grows as a deciduous tree in mixed hardwood woods. The tree has small and fragrant white flowers. Mostly they are grouped in thick clusters at the ends of the branches. They also have both types of reproductive organs. Furthermore, its papery leaves are frequently hairy on the underside. A newly milled teak wood commonly comes with a leather-like smell.

Teak wood is famous for its benefit as a durable wood. It is resistant to decay due to damp air or insect assault and requires little upkeep. Furthermore, this material is also resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations. As a result, we believe that teak wood is the most suitable wood for our indoor and outdoor furniture.

Example Indonesia furniture product by Republic Furniture


Various Indoor Teak Furniture Selection

At Republic Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia furniture, we have several options for indoor teak furniture selection. Each type has been designed carefully to look aesthetic and durable at the same time. So that the customer will not need to feel worried when selecting the indoor teak furniture from our store.

Remember that selecting suitable indoor furniture must consider some aspects. Start from the design, the color, and the material too. Therefore, our collections represent these needs very well, as shown in the lists of the collections below.

Cordoba Bed Collection

Complete your bedroom with this awesome collection that is made of the finest teak wood for indoors from Indonesia furniture. The design is minimalist and simple but also looks modern to match the bedroom style or design. With its natural color, it gives a pleasant feeling when selected for your bedroom. Therefore, no wonder it is one of the favorite collections among our customers.

Amsterdam Teak Bathroom Amenities Collection

Select this awesome collection to make your bathroom look classic and durable at the same time. The collection consists of a cabinet, mirror, and vanity. Therefore, to create the best ambiance in your bathroom, it is advised to use the entire product in the collection.

Kuche Side Drawers

If you only want to complete one of your rooms with additional drawers, then this collection can be the answer. Made of the finest quality of material, it can guarantee that this drawer can stand for many years. Furthermore, the design looks very aesthetic since it is created with a beautiful minimalist and modern style for the house.

Various Outdoor Indonesia Furniture Selection

Not only provide indoor teak furniture, but Republic Furniture Best Indonesia manufacturer also has several selections of outdoor teak furniture. Selecting teak wood material for your outdoor can bring many benefits. Since it has been mentioned that teak wood is excellent because of its durability. Mainly against the environment and changing temperature.

Currently, teak outdoor furniture is also made with an excellent design that can match any house style. Therefore, no need to worry if the design will look old fashion or boring. As the best Manufacturer for teak furniture, we keep improving our design time by time. So that we can end up with the latest modern design as preferred by most of our customers.

To make sure about your decision in selecting outdoor teak furniture in our store, see the following collections. We present you our master design collection of outdoor teak furniture that will make you fall in love at first sight.

sofa bed ratan

Allende Dining Teak Collection

Those of you who want to feel the sensation of having dinner with the entire family outdoor need to select this best collection. The natural color of this collection creates a different style for your outdoor area. Not to mention that this collection will last for many years. Therefore, it is one of the most suitable selections to choose from.

Auckland Dining Outdoor Collection

If you search for outdoor furniture with minimalist dimensions and style, Auckland Dining Outdoor Collection is the answer. This collection will fit your minimalist outdoor since the size is not too big. Furthermore, this furniture set is also a suitable selection to accompany your afternoon tea party. Therefore, whenever you want a small dining area in your outdoor, don’t forget to utilize this furniture.

Aurora Sofa Collection

Never feel worried to have this bright and fantastic sofa in your outdoor area. This sofa collection, even though it looks so soft and comfortable, can guarantee durability for a long time. Not to mention that it consists of modern and stylish design touch. So that it can make your entire outdoor feel comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Indonesia furniture


Canyon Lounge Set

Another set of outdoor teak furniture is one of our best collections to have. This lounge set will allow you to experience many great times together with your family or friends. Since the lounge set consists of many seats for enough people. Therefore, it can be your best selection for your outdoor in case you love to gather around with many people.

Journey Bar Collection

An outdoor bar is also an interesting concept to select. If you have this concept at your home, then don’t forget to choose Journey Bar Collection to complete your bar area. Not only look simple and minimalist, but it has a beautiful natural color that can match your surrounding house.

Why We Are the Best Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer ?

Of course, there are some reasons why we are the best Indonesia furniture manufacturer in the country. Especially if looking for teak furniture for your house. It can guarantee that we are a good Indonesia furniture manufacturer that will be satisfying at all. The following are some reasons why you must buy teak furniture, indoor or outdoor, with us.

Premium Material

As previously mentioned, all of our teak furniture uses premium material. This material is composed of the finest quality grade teak wood, Grade A, mixed with additional components. This premium material results in the highest quality and standards in its class.

High Quality

To produce the best product, we have a full machine that is used to make furniture pieces. This machine is quality maintains in supporting all the things created. Using professionals with experience, our equipment is run to its full potential.

Best Service

Our team provides the best service for the customer. Our professional expert will advise the customer about the most suitable furniture to select. Not to mention that the team will help all the buying process from first to the end.

Teak Indonesia furniture manufacturer

Good Price

Compared with any other similar furniture store, we offer the best price. With this low price, we can give customers great quality teak furniture in the country.

Professional Team

To build effective coordination and manufacture high-quality products, we assemble a team from all lines and divisions. We have many professional and skilled teams including marketing, administration, a modern drafter, the head of production, quality control, and many others present.

Neat Packaging

We utilize a carton box with a corner layer for packing, and the products are first wrapped in single-face paper before being placed inside. Each side of the box is lined with Styrofoam to protect the contents from collision, and we have completed this drop test method.

7 Benefits of Buying Indonesia furniture

Indonesian furniture does not doubt its quality both at home and abroad. In addition to using high-quality materials such as teak, mahogany, rattan, and so on, Indonesian furniture also has a distinctive design. With beautiful carvings, Indonesia furniture is not only furniture that has use value but also has high artistic value. There are many more benefits of buying Indonesian furniture.

In addition, of course, furniture craftsmen from Indonesia always keep innovating to present the latest designs so they are not outdated. For those of you who are interested in furniture products from Indonesia, let’s first know what are the benefits of buying Indonesia furniture compared to buying furniture from other countries. You will be more determined to choose this Indonesian-made furniture. See the following paragraphs.

1. Great Design Expressions

A true design will make a piece stand out and be unique. It is important to be detailed in making the best use of the material’s characteristics to carry out the task at hand. This is the first benefit of buying Indonesia furniture. The majority of the furniture made in Indonesia produces design expressions that can inspire others.

The pride of Indonesian skills around the globe will be modern furniture designs based on domestic raw materials with internationally renowned designs. Such ideas are possible to reach the global market for furniture and other goods.

Natural materials and contemporary processed materials mixed with innovative design skills can result in modern designs that have added value and help Indonesian furniture design advance. A design with creative aesthetic value and high selling value gains value through the fusion of regional materials with traditional subtle designs to suit the needs of modern society.

2. Unlimited Innovations

Design is more than just a decoration or ornament, and it’s not just about sketching or making straight lines. All design is about is problem-solving. Design is both a way of life and a method of problem-solving. Modern Indonesian furniture designs must exist and be able to compete internationally for Indonesian designers to be confident in their ability to produce high-quality products, can innovate based on their culture, and be proud to employ homegrown materials.

At first, it was challenging to get into the global market. But this is precisely the chance to gauge one’s capacity. It is possible to apply the idea of learning by doing. In the end, contemporary Indonesian furniture design can triumph and take first place. That is why it is advantageous to buy furniture from this country.

3. Authentic Idea and Material

The beauty and originality of furniture built by ancestors born of honesty in purpose, as well as the availability of quality and abundant raw materials offered by Indonesia’s nature, can be used as capital for current Indonesian furniture design. Modern Indonesian furniture designs are in a strong position to compete and possibly rule the international market.

Thanks to the authenticity of the ideas that give rise to high-quality creations. This is another consideration of the benefit of buying Indonesia furniture. Through this authentic idea and material, you will get excellent furniture as you expected.

4. Excellent material

Generally, Indonesian furniture uses good quality materials, so its durability makes Indonesia furniture superior to furniture from other countries. Most Indonesia furniture can last well for more than 20 years.

In addition, the materials used for furniture in Indonesia are known to be the best specially selected materials. The texture of the material is smoother with sharp fibers, and the color is more uniform. Indonesia furniture is also comfortable to use because it is sturdy and proportional. Although the prices sold in the market are relatively higher, you get commensurate and classy quality.

5. Many Product Variations

Furniture products from Indonesia are not only limited to chairs and cabinets, but you can also find a variety of products from this furniture. If you just want to replace a table, bookcase, or lounge chair, then various Indonesia furniture can certainly produce these products easily. It is another benefit of buying Indonesia furniture.

You can even get Indonesia furniture in the form of a bed. Even various types of furniture can decorate the kitchen area or garden at home. In essence, Indonesia furniture has a wide selection of quality and eye-catching products to be placed in various types of spaces in the house.

6. Easy to Find Online

Quality products are usually rare to find. But for those of you who want to have a variety of furniture products from Indonesia, don’t be discouraged. You don’t need to go to Indonesia, because you can find various kinds of furniture easily through cyberspace.

This is one of the other benefits of buying Indonesia furniture. There are many online furniture stores on the market that provide Indonesia furniture. There are lots of physical furniture stores in Indonesia that are now opening online stores and serving delivery anywhere. Including sending products to foreign countries.

7. Have a Choice of Levels with Competitive Prices

For those of you who want to have furniture products from Indonesia but have limited funds, don’t worry! Indonesia furniture has various levels or grades that you can adjust to your finances and needs. In addition, the price can be said to be quite competitive in the market when compared to furniture prices from other countries in the world.

The lowest grades are generally made of solid wood, so they still leave white lines on the wood and make the color of the furniture look uneven. Meanwhile, the grade or higher level is usually made of premium quality materials. It looks quite neat and the design is more modern even though the price is a little more expensive.

Those are some of the benefits of buying Indonesia furniture, especially when compared to other countries. The various advantages above, of course, can provide a positive view of furniture from this country. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to get and use various kinds of Indonesia furniture.

Our Catalogue

If the above products are the Indonesia furniture that you are looking for, we happily announce that Republic Furniture provides that furniture. Not only rich in design but also rich in quality. You can check our catalog according to your preference collections.

Each collection is made with a specific design and attractive colors. Not to mention that the material is the best option among many others. Whether you prefer a modern style, classic design, or natural furniture. Our collections will fit any type and any ambiance of the house. 

Furthermore, with the increased partnership with various nations from Europe, Australia, America, the Middle East, and Asia, it raises the number of its earnings each year. Republic Furniture Indonesia furniture manufacture can optimize the production process as a result of the relationship. So that it can successfully expand its global partnerships.

What are you waiting for? Check our latest catalog here.

Find our finest products with a guarantee of the highest quality Indonesia furniture. Contact us now for the further best price. We can make sure that you will satisfy with our product and services.

Sofa Indonesia Furniture Product

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