Bathroom Furniture Vanity is a special type of furniture for use in bathrooms, functioning both functionally as a storage area and as a decorative element to beautify the room. There are many styles that can be chosen in determining the type of bathroom furniture vanity or also known as a bathroom cabinet, which can be adjusted to the taste of the owner, or also adjusted to the layout of the bathroom itself.

Bathroom Furniture Vanity is made specifically using suitable Indonesia Furniture materials so that it is comfortable to use. Certainly in the selection of these materials must be able to optimally support functionality, durability, easy maintenance as well as attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Models and designs are also quite rich in choices, including adjusting the overall architectural theme of the house, whether traditional, rustic to contemporary modern styles can be accommodated. The choice of design down to the details including for example doors from cabinets, the choice of appearance from drawers, determines the appearance of the Bathroom Furniture Vanity as a whole.

Users have customization options, optimized according to their needs and tastes, including the number of drawers, configuration of cabinet layouts, addition of mirror facilities, to make it more comfortable to use in everyday use. Placement of vanity furniture has the option of standing freely or attached to the wall.

The main function in using the bathroom furniture vanity is to at least fulfill the following functions

1. Sink integration

Because it is used in bathrooms, one of its main needs is a sink. Therefore the design is made to be integrated with the sink, for various cleaning, make-up and other essential vanity needs.

2. Storage space

Another major requirement is a representative place for storage. This is manifested in various forms of models such as drawers, dressers, cabinets or shelves. This storage area is very useful for storing all things related to bathroom needs, such as toiletries, towels, cleaning equipment, beauty equipment and various other equipment, so that everything is kept neat and not messy.

3. Countertops

Bathroom Furniture Vanity is also able to function as a surface that is needed for various activities such as make-up, shaving, brushing teeth and so on. Therefore, you need a countertop, especially from a waterproof coating material, such as marble, granite or other materials.

Various Bathroom Furniture Vanity

The choice for this type of vanity furniture comes in many choices and can be chosen according to the tastes and needs of its users, both functionally and from an aesthetic standpoint. Here are some models that can be a reference for choice for its use:

1. Freestandings. freestanding and not attached to the wall, ideal for use in smaller rooms, has storage options such as drawers or cabinets, comes in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary.

2. Wall-mounted. has a position attached to the wall, so that the appearance seems more modern and sleek. There is an open space under the dresser for multiple uses. This design makes the room seem more spacious and relieved.

3. Double Sinks. The Bathroom Furniture Vanity is equipped with a double sink, very suitable for use in larger rooms, so it can be used simultaneously, making it more practical.

4. Single Sink. the shape is more compact and practical, suitable for use in smaller rooms, with storage options that can be in the form of drawers or cupboards.

5. Bathroom Furniture Vanity with Open Shelf. the option is closed storage but there is open space that can be used for various purposes, displaying your favorite items, or also used to store frequently used equipment.

The selection can be made freely, but still considers suitability with the overall size of the room, so that in general it is able to complement the beauty of the decoration and visual appearance. Don’t forget the materials used for manufacturing, you must ensure that you use selected materials and ensure that their quality is guaranteed.