Ottoman Furniture style is the embodiment of furniture as a means of seating and storage referring to the style of the time of the Ottoman empire, an area of historical power that was so strong in its era, namely the era from the 13th century to the early 20th century. The legacy from this era of power is so strong, including the Ottoman furniture style with its distinctive design style.

The distinctive feature of the Ottoman furniture style is clearly visible in its distinctive design, expertise in the manufacture, including a very rich cultural heritage, combining various civilizations and cultures at that time, during the reign of the empire. For more details, below, you can see the various types that clearly show the Ottoman furniture style as it was in its era.

ottoman furniture
Many kinds of Ottoman Furniture

1. Ottoman Footstool

is one of the most known and popular Ottoman furniture of its time. It is a low chair without arms or backrest, square or round in shape, above which is an upholstery section made of a material covered with cloth, leather or kilim rugs. Ottoman Footstool is made and designed to provide comfort to the feet that use it when sitting on a sofa or chair.

2. Ottoman Sofa

is a seating sofa with a larger size, and has depth so that it feels softer and more comfortable to use, equipped with luxurious and classy backrests. The design has unique and distinctive characteristics, featuring intricate carvings of wood furniture, or metal on the arms or leg supports, displaying the art of carving typical of Ottoman furniture in its era. The upholstery section is made of luxurious materials, displaying the luxury of the imperial style of its era.

3. Turkish Divans

is a traditional daybed made without a backrest, usually placed in the corner of a room, or against the wall of the house. Its use is complemented by pillows and mattresses, or other functional decorative elements. This furniture has a multipurpose function, and saves space, can be used as a seat during the day, and can be used as a bed at night.

4. Ottoman Coffee Table

is furniture with a large and low table, which is placed in the middle of the seating area. At the top there is a layer that provides comfort as well as being able to become additional seating when needed. In some designs, it has a top that can be turned over, exposing a wood or glass surface underneath.

5. Ottoman Storage Chest

is furniture that combines the functions of seating furniture with storage. The upper part consists of a hinged part that can be opened to store various equipment or items, such as clothes, cloth or valuables, making the room tidier.

6. Turkish Rocking Chair Ottoman Furniture

Rocking chairs typical of Ottoman furniture are used to sit while relaxing, usually placed in the living room or placed in the bedroom. Part of this rocking chair includes a wooden frame, upholstered seat and backrest with intricate carvings and added various decorative elements to beautify its appearance.

7. Ottoman Dining Chair

is a typical furniture as part of the completeness of the dining table, placed around the dining table with the amount needed. It usually has a high backrest, decorated with luxurious carvings typical of the imperial era.

Ottoman furniture comes with very strong characteristics, and until now it remains popular as a distinctive style that displays a cultural side that is so thick, and is so rooted in its era. The results of wood crafts with intricate carvings are one of its characteristics, coupled with a rich choice of coatings made of luxurious materials, coupled with a rich choice of colors.

Ottoman furniture is also a versatile option, has many functions, is versatile and flexible. Geometric style patterns dominate the design style, and generally have the appearance of low seating options, where while being a cultural characteristic, it is also able to bring a relaxed, comfortable and more sociable atmosphere.