Buying suitable furniture for the house needs sufficient information. If you want to use teak furniture for the outdoor area of your home, there are some tips to know before buying outdoor teak furniture. It helps you to select the most suitable furniture that meets your expectation. If you want to get more details about the information, see the following paragraphs.

About Teak Outdoor Furniture

Before stepping into some tips for buying outdoor teak furniture, you need to understand this furniture first. Teak furniture, according to Wikipedia and most other trustable sources, is furniture made of teak wood.

Teak wood is resistant to the weather. Teak is utilized for outdoor furniture but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Compare to most other timbers, teak wood is more expensive. It is not only typical for teak furniture to endure many years with proper maintenance. But it is also usual to pass such furniture down to future generations as an inheritance. Therefore, this type of furniture is a favorite for the outdoor bench or table.


teak outdoor furniture

Teak Wood Furniture by Republic Furniture

Republic Furniture is a teak wood furniture manufacturer that focuses on outdoor furniture, our results are worldwide.

We have completed several projects including:

Project Apartment UK 2012 (Indoor Furniture)

Project Resort Mauritius 2013 (Indoor Furniture)

Project Hotel Qatar 2014 (Outdoor furniture)

Project Hotel Dubai 2015 (Outdoor Furniture)

Project Reethi Faru Resort Maldives 2017 (Indoor and Outdoor Furniture)

Project USA Taek SEATER Outdoor Seat Collection

Project USA Taek SEATER Outdoor Seat Collection


Benefits of Teak Outdoor Furniture

There are several benefits if selecting teak wood material for outdoor furniture. Some of the benefits include the following.

Long Lasting

As mentioned previously, teak wood is more resistant to weather. Therefore, selecting this material can help the furniture age to be more long-lasting. It will make the furniture able to stand for many years. Furthermore, some teak furniture with proper maintenance can last more than 50 years. It is better sustainable compared with other typical furniture materials.

Easy to Clean

Another benefit of using this material is that teak furniture is easy to clean. One of the parts of maintaining a piece of furniture is cleanliness. Mostly against dirt, dust, and many other things. Mainly if dealing with outdoor furniture, since it is more frequently affected by the weather and the environment. But using teak furniture will give you an advantage of its easiness to clean. That is why there is no specific maintenance to be performed to keep the furniture clean and neat all the time.

Various Design and Selection

Currently, you can find various kinds of designs and selections of this teak furniture. Therefore, no worries about buying outdoor teak furniture anymore. Don’t get bothered with its old fashion style or boring design. You can find that you have many options of design selection for this kind of furniture nowadays. The design is mostly chick and modern. Color selections are also attractive to choose from. So that in the end, your outdoor furniture can look fascinating and resistant at the same time.

teak outdoor furniture

Tips for Buying Outdoor Teak Furniture

After seeing the above explanation about teak furniture, it is sure that teak furniture for outdoor is a perfect choice. However, if you want to buy this furniture for the first time, you must consider several necessary things. There are tips to know before buying outdoor teak furniture as listed below. So that you wouldn’t end up with mistakes and wrong selections. See the following tips.

Select a Suitable Design

Match all your furniture with your design concept or the house concept. It is necessary to mix and match the entire things around your house with each other. Therefore, if you want to buy outdoor teak furniture for your outdoor area, make sure to select a suitable design. Even though teak furniture will match many house styles, pay more detailed attention to the furniture design and final color. It will help you to get good teak furniture that suits your house concept.

Get The Best Price

There are many places where you can get teak furniture. But make sure you get the one at an affordable price that is worthier. Some prices can be extra expenses for a similar model compared to another store. Therefore, you need to have some small surveys to be sure you will get the same type of teak furniture but at a less expensive price.

Some of the prices can be checked on the internet. Otherwise, you can look around near your area for the best shop selling teak furniture. Align the price with your budget so it will not cause any financial issues.

Buy from Trusted Seller

It is also necessary to have a review of the seller. Some sellers can sell expensive teak furniture of low quality. It is something that you might want to be avoided. Therefore, you need to be sure that you will get teak furniture from a trusted seller.

If this is your first time buying outdoor teak furniture, you can ask for recommendations from your family or friends. Otherwise, try searching for any shop with positive reviews on the internet. At least it will help you to get several lists of the trusted seller of your choice.

collection taek seat

Pay Attention to Cleaning Method

If you prefer a piece of teak furniture for your outdoor area, you still have to understand the cleaning method. Even though teak furniture is resistant to the weather, remember that you still need to clean the furniture from dirt and dust. Mainly for any furniture that is placed in the outdoor area. You will find that your furniture will be more exposed to the environment. It means that your furniture will expose to environmental dust more frequently. Therefore, you need to spare time to clean it sometimes.

For a teak material, it is recommended to clean with teak cleaner. You can easily find this cleaner in a furniture store. Once you have it, you can clean the furniture if the area feels dirt. However, remember that cleaning too often can cause the teak material to become mild. Therefore, make sure to perform the cleaning as needed only. Use a spray bottle to clean the area, then gently scrub the teak wood with teak cleaner. It depends on how frequently the teak furniture gets dirty. Some people clean their outdoor teak furniture several times a year.

Beware of Aging

Any wooden material will experience a natural aging process due to sun exposure. Therefore, don’t feel surprised if later you will find that your teak furniture has some color changes. Furthermore, you will also find that the teak material becomes different compared to the first time you buy it. Usually, the natural warm honey color will turn silver gray along with its age.

It is not only happening on teak material. But, most wooden materials can experience a similar thing. The difference is the aging process time. Some furniture may experience in fasten time, but typically teak furniture will experience this for a longer period.

Preserve The Color

Related to the changing color issue, you can use teal color to bring back the tone into a natural warm honey color again. You can find this teak color in furniture shops and apply it as necessary. The process of teak furniture aging is not happening in a short time. But it will take a long period to happen. You might find this happens in your first year after buying teak furniture. But after several years, this will be possible to happen. Therefore, recoloring the furniture can be performed once every several years.

Preserving the color is an important thing to perform. Since it helps the appearance of your teak furniture to look nice and beautiful. Therefore, aligns with preserving your furniture color, your outdoor area will look nice too.

Keep The Teak Furniture in a Save Place During Winter

Remember that your teak furniture needs to be kept during wintertime. It is because the snow can cause mildew growth in the teak. It also gives more risk of damaging your teak furniture in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the furniture during the rainy snow. Luckily, if you live in an area without the possibility of experiencing snow. You wouldn’t need to do extra care to cover the furniture.

Selecting Teak Furniture is a Good Investment

To the sustainability of this teak material, teak furniture can be the best way to invest in your house. Especially if you decide to stay in the place for a longer period. Selecting teak furniture can help you to save budget on your furniture investment. Most of this material can stand for many years. The finest teak furniture is considered investment-grade outdoor furniture due to its slow growth, kiln drying, mortise, and construction. Therefore, this kind of furniture is not only able to use in the present time. But, it also can use for a longer period in the future.

Through short information about tips to know before buying outdoor teak furniture above, it is clear that the furniture is a worthy selection. As long as you apply the above tips, then your teak furniture can last for many years and will also be beneficial against the weather. Make your outdoor look nice and awesome by using teak material. There is no more doubt about selecting teak furniture anymore. Simply apply the above advice, and hopefully, you get the best furniture for your beautiful outdoor area.

Indonesian Outdoor Furniture is the choice of people in various countries, because there are many choices of quality wood as the highest quality raw material. One of the requirements for the manufacture of outdoor furniture is to have the strength and strength used in all weather. This is an absolute factor, because with this, the use of outdoor furniture becomes durable and durable. Indonesia Furniture is very representative, because it has a lot of quality wood materials. This is because the location of Indonesia itself is in the tropics, allowing many types of plants, including among the best quality wood can grow and cultivate freely.

One of the manufacturers, the most well-known supplier for its needs, Indonesia Furniture, is CV Republic Furniture Company, located in Jepara City, Central Java province, Indonesia. As is well known, the best furniture manufacturing factory in Indonesia is in the city of Jepara, producing Jepara Furniture that has been known for its products throughout the world, has its own characteristics, made of quality materials and of course has the strength as well as the beauty in all products produced. Many overseas buyers come specifically to look for Jepara Furniture products, in the form of wholesale purchases, which are exported directly to the destination country.

Indonesian Outdoor Furniture’s distinctive style has unique characteristics, rich in distinctive carvings, has its own style in order to display the highest quality artwork. Quality materials can be seen in the types of products such as teak furniture, wickers, rattan and many other basic ingredients, producing a variety of products in accordance with the wishes of the buyers. Another advantage of Indonesia Furniture products is that they are affordable, without sacrificing the quality of the final product. This is possible because all the raw materials are obtained on a regular basis and the quality is well maintained, due to professional management as well.

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