Sectional sofa is one type of sofa which consists of several parts, combined into a single sofa unit in various formations according to the desired arrangement. Arrangements are made to fulfill a sense of comfort and fulfill various functions as a place to sit, a place to relax, and can even be used to lie down to relieve fatigue and fatigue as well as other versatile purposes.

Sectional sofa have the characteristics of a modular construction consisting of at least two or more parts, which are connected and configured according to needs and tastes, can be adapted to the shape of the room, according to the artistic design or theme of the room, and allows it to be arranged based on the use and function required.

Sectional Sofa features

1.Modular Design

The sofa consists of separate parts and can be easily arranged into various formations as desired. The combination of the sofa allows for various purposes and functions or can be called multipurpose functions, including parts such as soft seats, for sitting, reclining or for lazing, backrest and corner pieces.

2. Convenience

Like sofas in general, sectional sofas are also able to provide maximum comfort for their users, especially when coupled with other additional features such as soft cushions, a comfortable backrest. Some models also have a feature that can be adjusted into a lying down shape, and there is also an added feature where you can place a cup of drink or a plate of food.

3. Versatility

Sectional sofas provide many functional options for their use. This is inseparable from the ease of determining the configuration, it can be adjusted according to needs. In addition, sectional sofas are able to optimally adapt to the layout of the room along with the artistic design theme. Some models even have features that can be removed and replaced with components, thus adding to the rich variety.

Various Sectional Sofa Configurations

There are several types of sectional configurations to choose from, according to needs, suitability according to room design or personal preference. Each type of sectional configuration has its own unique design characteristics and features along with their uses. Here are some types of them:

1. L-Shaped Sectional Sofa, which is the most common type and shape and the most widely chosen for use, has an “L” shaped configuration, two different parts meeting on both sides at right angles. These parts are usually a soft chair or also shaped like a chaise.

2. U-Shaped Sectional Sofa, is a type of configuration that forms like the letter “U”, suitable for use in larger rooms, has more seating area, thus providing flexibility when using it.

3. Curved Sectional Sofa, has a curved formation shape following a soft curved layout, or forms a semicircular configuration.

4. Chaise Sectional Sofa, this type has a chaise section on one of its parts, useful for lying down to stretch tired muscles so they can relax, or also stretch their legs so they become comfortable.

5. Sleeper Sectional Sofa, apart from being a comfortable seat, also has the function of being used as a bed by pulling the part to make it comfortable to use. A practical and comfortable and functional choice.

6. Storage Sectional Sofa, apart from being a place to sit and rest, this type has a compartment at the bottom, which can be opened and closed, useful as a practical and multifunctional storage area, making the room tidier.

The choice of sectional sofas can be chosen from a variety of sizes available, adjusted to the size of the room, so that the appearance looks more harmonious, whether it is for placement in a large house, to an apartment with limited space. By having a sectional sofa, it can be used for various purposes indoor our outdoor sofa, including for the needs of social interaction comfortably.