indonesia teak furniture – Promoting a product requires display furniture that is eye-catching and attractive, so people’s willingness is high. They are happy to approach that display. Shops usually use bright displays and easy-to-place products and typically come from clear glass. On-point lighting techniques will make the display furniture radiate the best angle of the product. 

Using wooden furniture with contemporary designs and interesting paint color choices also effectively creates displays anywhere. Creative displays are those that are custom-made. You can make a simple custom console table to display the small pottery you have just fired in the exhibition hall. Then, you can provide high-rise teak wood shelves for several new books in bookstores. 

You can make any wooden furniture and any design according to the product you are promoting. 

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Why is Wooden Display Furniture Popular Now?

Wooden furniture has been trendy for a long time. People like the shady and calming Scandinavian rigid furniture concept in their homes and shops. When people worldwide discovered Indonesian teak wood, which was sturdy and durable for household furniture, they began switching to this wood type. 

Teak wood is suitable for making furniture, including product displays. You can process teak wood in logs or cut shapes into custom display furniture. Not only is teak wood sturdy and durable, but it is also flexible in style. You can even make Scandinavian-style furniture with typical Indonesian teak wood by adding Jepara carvings to the surface. 

Fashion Display on a Teak Wood Bench

To display designer clothes creation, you will need some models to wear them and pose in such a way. You can use teak wood furniture such as long chairs, aesthetic armchairs, wooden benches, and other wooden hair designs. The models can sit there while posing in the clothes. The details on the clothes will appear on the proper wooden bench. 

Contact professional artisans who usually make custom chairs for fashion show displays. The type of chair model is up to you and according to the display area. When wearing the clothes, you can use a typical French royal bergere chair with a width that suits the models’ body posture. 

Displaying Photographic Works

Photographic works currently need their display area at an event. The photos you print in various sizes and methods are something many visitors are waiting for at the exhibition. It would help if you had wooden furniture in the display area. You can choose the type of wooden furniture, whether a table—chair, cabinet, or pallet board on the wall.

If there are many visitors, you can place furniture such as a wooden display counter with a layer of glass on top. You probably don’t want people to touch these particular photos. They need to look at it more intensely. You can also use multi-level teak wood shelves with a slim vertical design where many shelves store some images.

You can contact us to help you to make custom wooden display furniture. You can make your design, or you can discuss the design with us. We will work based on your command.