teak garden furniture – The retro home concept is now appearing again with various more modern ideas. People of today’s productive age are nostalgic for the 70s and 80s by bringing everything popular in the past into their homes. Mid-century wooden furniture is one of homeowners’ wish lists with a retro concept. 

They want bright and warm colors in the wooden furniture to present the retro concept in their minimalist home. This is the opposite of vintage, complete with soft or pastel colors. You can combine bright colors in an old-fashioned concept house with colors like blue, green, red, citrus, black, and white from all the wooden furniture inside. 

The seating area usually uses lots of armchair ideas with colorful pillows on top. Cubic and geometric shapes are also an inspiration for making custom wooden furniture in retro homes. 

Bentwood Armchair for Living Room Details

You can lift the cheerful atmosphere in a retro house by placing bentwood armchairs in the living room. You can ask an artisan to make a custom retro armchair with a unique and fantastic shape according to your chosen design. There may be a tacky design that you want to highlight on this armchair, too. It’s okay if the retro concept is still strong in your home.

You can make eccentric arms with a curved shape with a thin width on both sides. Afterward, you can cover the sitting area and backrest with a thick, soft foam cotton cushion. Some people also like to add detailed printed images of popular icons from the 70s and 80s, like Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles, to the back of the armchair. 

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Mid-Century Table with Natural Colors

Mid-century table designs for retro home concepts usually stand out less than the chairs. You can make a custom teak wood table to complement the armchair you have adapted to the old-fashioned concept. You only need a simple contemporary design with natural paint colors like light brown, hazelnut, broken white, and black. 

A teak wood board that is not too thick becomes a flat table surface. Then, you can use four thin table legs made from the same material. The function of this mid-century style table is to highlight other wooden furniture, such as chairs and cupboards. 

However, you can play with the design if you still want this teak wood table from the mid-century era to stand out. You can make a table with a flat surface with fully round legs at the bottom center. 

You can discuss the design with the professional artisans near you. You can contact us immediately through this website if you need our help to provide custom mid-century wooden furniture designs. We will see your house condition and then check if the designs suit your wish.

Of course, it’s not difficult to discuss with us the desire to have wooden furniture in this retro style. In fact, having this furniture will make your home have a style that suits your soul. So, are you ready to realize the presence of furniture with a style that is different from others?