jepara indonesia furniture – Wooden teak furniture is much preferred. The reason is, that apart from being a natural material, it also increases the aesthetic value of both the exterior and interior. In another way, maintenance is relatively easy to do.

However, quite a few people still make mistakes in caring for their teak furniture. You must understand how to care for teak furniture so that its quality remains good and shiny. Not all oils can be used to polish the teak wood furniture because they can damage the texture and the aroma of the wood. So, you should be able to choose the oils that have been recommended by experts.

The Recommended Oils for Your Teak Furniture

Linseed oil is the most popular wood coating in the world. This oil can penetrate deep into the wood fibers to protect your teak furniture from any kind of scratches and changes in humidity. Or it can help you to make your teak furniture look new.

Tung oil has become another option for teak oil furniture. It is a vegetable oil product from the seed of the tung tree which grows in China East Asia. It is also popular as a wood coating because it keeps the wood fiber durable. Using the tung oil makes your teak furniture renew, shiny, and waterproof.

Mineral oil is also an option for you to polish your teak furniture. It is called mineral oil because the oil is clear and odorless. The use of mineral oil is quite common, especially in various kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, wooden bowls, and many other wood products. So, it can be applied as well to your teak furniture. 

Mineral oil is one of the safe kinds of oil without any toxicity, it is safe because another fact is mineral oil is used as the basic ingredient in making baby oil and has been tested and approved for dermatological use.

If you are buying teak oil furniture, at least make sure that you find out one of those three at least in the ingredient. 

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Steps to Apply Oil to Your Teak Furniture

When you apply the teak oil to your furniture the first step is to prepare the surface of the teak furniture that you are going to polish. Remove any kinds of existing paint or varnish, then clean all the surfaces of the dust on it. Make sure that the surface is in dry condition.  

Applying the oils with three steps for the best result. You had better use a lint-free cloth, or you can use a good quality brush for all the surfaces, then let them dry for about 30 minutes. After that, you can reapply for the second part in the same way then wait for 20-30 minutes. Redo the same as previous. The last is to let your teak furniture for at least 48 hours before cleaning it up.   

Feel free to consult with us here for more tips and tricks in using the best oil teak furniture.