indonesia teak furniture – One of the most popular outdoor furniture is teak wood furniture because it is known as the best quality because of its durability and resistance to water and humidity. Why is it important to be noted? 

Because furniture that is placed outdoors must withstand elements such as air, weather, and temperature. Especially when discussing wooden furniture, it is not uncommon for wood to easily become porous, warped, and even moldy if it is not suitable for outdoor conditions. 

So, teak furniture is always on the top list of outdoor furniture recommendations.

Outdoor Furniture Which One is the Best
Outdoor Furniture Which One is the Best

Considerations Before Choosing Teak Furniture for Outdoor 

Even though teak wood has been noticed as the best quality, you still need to pay some attention to considerations before choosing teak furniture for outdoor because teak furniture has many kinds of styles and sizes, especially for the combination of materials. Are you interested in the solid teak furniture or do you need something more stylish with the modern minimalist or contemporary one?

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What are the Climate Conditions Like?

Consider the climate conditions such as humidity level, exposure to sunlight, and rainfall conditions because these will affect the wooden teak furniture in different ways. In such extreme conditions, do you need extra protection or care? Therefore, you also need to adjust the budget prepared. For the long service life, the budget tends to be more expensive.

Where Will You Place the Teak Furniture?

Placement of the teak furniture is one of the crucial points in choosing the furniture that you are going to use outdoors whether it is placed completely exposed to outdoor elements or not. There is a possibility to place the teak furniture in a place that is protected by some kind of canopy so it is not exposed to direct sunlight and rain. Let’s specify the placement of your teak furniture!

For the terrace, at least one set of chairs and a table are suitable for relaxing in the afternoon while chatting and drinking coffee. On the wall, you may put a mirror with the teak furniture frame. 

Meanwhile, the choice of the material combination and size can be adjusted to the space on your terrace. The style can be more, you can choose teak folding chairs combined with woven rattan, or a common arm or armless chair with a round table between. It can be placed in the backyard as well.

While, for the garden, you can use a long chair combined with sturdy iron or solid teak bench. If you have wide space, a gazebo will be one of the recommended teak furniture.

Especially for a swimming pool area, you may put the teak furniture before or after the swimming pool. The teak furniture that you can choose is like a lounge chair where you and your family or guests can have a nice afternoon coffee or even a gathering. One other important piece of teak furniture is the long pool lounge chairs. It is best to place it on the side of the swimming pool. You can use it for sunbathing in the morning.

Are you still confused about deciding on your outdoor furniture? We will kindly help you to choose.