teak outdoor furniture – A natural concept in the house always connects to green open spaces such as gardens. Many potted plants decorate an area that is the center of the natural concept. Fish pond, hydroponic wood shelves, and wooden benches or lounge chairs are also commonly as other ornaments for the garden inside the house. 

You try to move the landscape or anything “natural” into the house so that it always feels fresh all day long. The green area of the house doesn’t have to be very large to create a garden in the house. Minimalist houses also still occupy the concept of a natural house. 

This kind of concept also connects to wooden furniture. Sturdy teak wood, termite proof, and resistant to all weather conditions could be a wise choice. You can contact professionals to order custom teak wood furniture that suits your design. 

Create a Natural Concept Home with Wooden Furniture That You Can Rely OnTable Tree for Garden Inside the House

You may have prepared an area that will become a garden inside the house, so you let a big tree grow in the middle area of the house for years. Why don’t you just make a circular teak table where you can relax under it while reading books. This table will join the lounge chairs which are also circular at the bottom of the tree. Meanwhile, you can still water the soil beneath it so that the tree can grow well too.  

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Multifunctional Wooden Pots

Teak wood pots are part of the furniture that will complement the garden inside your home. You can make a large pot with the whole side being a comfortable place to sit. You can sit there while enjoying the cool air and watching the freshness of the fish in the pond. 

Apart from the large pot in the middle of the room, there are several medium-sized pots on the edge of the wall with a small chair similar to a footstool. This small teak wood chair integrates with each pot well. You can sit while feeding the fish and breathe fresh air from plants specifically for indoors such as philodendron, maranta, Boston fern, and calathea. 

Wooden Rack for Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic plants in polybags or small pots become ornaments that decorate the garden inside the house. You need shelves or cupboards that adjust the size of the garden. It is better to have a medium-tall teak wood rack that you design yourself. Then you can place several hydroponic plants on the rack. The collection of green plants will be a freshness that you can feel every time you pass by.

If you have any difficulty choosing what design of wooden furniture to fill your empty garden inside the house, you can call us through this website. You can discuss the particular designs with us before we work on this project. You can choose unique and customized designs that represent your soul too. Do not hesitate to do that! So, there is nothing difficult in creating beauty in your home, right?