Every couple wants the best for their home, especially a new home they share with their partner, and furniture is one on the top list. Recently, the taste of millennials is furniture with a minimalist theme. Why millennials? Because the young couple now are the couple who are around 24-39 years now. The meaning of minimalist is furniture that does not require a lot of space in the room and still looks elegant even in a narrow room. There are also other styles, namely classic style, which is mostly preferred by people aged 40 and above. 

This is the Right Time to Buy Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is one of the most recommended choices for the young couple. It has many designs and styles which fit their desire. The next question comes when is the best time for the young couple to buy teak furniture? Buying furniture is best done at the right moment so it doesn’t drain your finances. Here is the right time to bring the furniture home. 

Moving to a New House 

The young couple starts their new life and moves to a new house thus they need new furniture at home. The teak furniture can complete the house, in the living room with a set of minimalist sofas and decorative wardrobes. A set of dining tables in the dining room, a cupboard, and then a set of teak furniture in the bedroom will complete your house. 

When You Renovate a Home

Apart from renovating the architecture of the house, it would be a good idea for you to renovate the interior design of your house. Because the furniture used before the renovation usually doesn’t fit the new design of your house. So, it is the best moment to buy and change the old furniture to the new one, teak furniture, and make the entire concept more harmonious. 


Increasing Family Members 

For the new couple increasing family members will happen sooner and later, especially welcoming the birth of the baby. So, it is time to buy teak furniture for babies. Teak furniture for babies will later support your daily lives in caring for your little ones. Baby teak furniture that you can buy such as a cot, baby swing, and wardrobe. 

Big Holidays Moment 

Big holidays or feast moments like Idul Fitri, Christmas, and Chinese New Year are the best times to buy teak furniture. Normally at this moment, people like to gather and visit each other, especially the family members. Automatically, it needs more space than usual so buying the teak furniture will make the moment in a warm atmosphere between family members.   

Special Offering Sale Moment 

The end of the year is one of the right times to buy teak furniture for young couples whose budgets are limited because most of the companies will hold sales with fantastic discounts to use up their remaining stock and replace it with new stock at the beginning of the year. Apart from that, the year-end bonus you can get is used to beauty and add to your home decoration collection with the teak furniture.  

So, have you decided when you will buy your new teak furniture? Here we are for you.