The process for making teak wood furniture is one of a series of processes that determines the final result of teak wood furniture. It may be influenced by the unique touch of the craftsmen. Teak wood finishing is a process carried out after the wood has been assembled or joined together. This process cannot be done haphazardly, because this process will affect the final appearance of a woodcraft.

Currently, wood finishing has variations, from using paint, wax paint, wood stain, and varnish, to still bringing out the original color of the teak wood. Before carrying out the finishing, make sure it has been determined in which it will be placed whether outdoors or indoors. It needs to be questioned because teak wood finishing has different advantages and can be adjusted to suit certain needs. 

Elegant Teak Furniture is Created from Well-Stained Teak Furniture

The Types of Teak Wood Finishing

Staining is one of those finishing parts which is divided into two parts, they are solvent-based and water-based. Determining the type of teak wood stain must follow the wood filer previously used, whether it is solvent-based or water-based. Water-based teak wood uses a fiber brush or foam brush. Meanwhile, solvent-based teak wood stain is more advisable to use a fiber brush or a rag or soft cotton wash lap.

Both have quite a character specific when applied to teak furniture surfaces. Water-based paint uses solvent water which is easier to combine and apply to the surface of the water. It is made from water but doesn’t fade easily when touched by water. 

Besides having good quality in its field, water-based paint is also safer to use instead of solvent-based paint. It is because the paint water contains few VOCs which has no impact on health as well as environment.

The Process of Staining Teak Wood Furniture

The finishing process also known as the teak wood staining process is an important stage for producing good quality teak furniture. Therefore, in this process, it is not permissible to just apply or use paint. Naturally, it must go through various considerations regarding the quality and colors used. It must be done in the right way so that the wood grain appears sharp and eye-catching.

Staining teak wood furniture is also divided into two techniques, they are a brush system and a spray system using water-based finishing materials. Brush system, it needs a fiber brush or a rag or soft cotton wash lap. After doing the filler process then apply the staining by using a brush system. 

Then brush all surfaces, wait about one night and the teak wood media is ready to use.

The other one is the spray system, not so different from the brush system, it needs a spray gun and sprays the water-based paint to the surface, after that just wait until dry no longer than one night. For the result, a spray system is recommended with a smoother result. 

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