jepara indonesia furniture – Knowing the best types of wood that can be used in bathroom decoration is very useful in determining the ideal type of wood for wet areas. Even though wood is a good material to use, it seems fragile. So, what is the best wood type for the bathroom? Teak wood furniture is the most recommended which has a high percentage of permeability. This feature makes it ideal for decorating the dry bathroom. 

Despite the extraordinary durability of this type of wood, it still needs to be cared for to make it long-lasting and enhance its beauty. The lifespan and beauty of the teak wood will be longer. It needs special care by applying the teak oil to increase its impermeability. 

What Teak Furniture is Most Suitable for the Bathroom? 

Minimalist teak wood furniture represents the natural impression, withs the combination of white material. It makes the bathroom look neater and creates a warm impression. Thus, everyone feels comfortable because of the attractive and charming bathroom. Here are five recommended pieces of furniture for luxurious design. 

Five Recommended Wooden Furniture for Dry Bathrooms

Teak Wooden Sink Bathroom Cabinet 

The cabinet is a piece of furniture that becomes the focal point of the bathroom. Mostly, the cabinet combines with the sink on it. Teak wooden cabinets make the room look more attractive. The teak cabinet attached to the wall of the room is multifunctional which can save and store the bathroom equipment such as towels, soap, and others.  

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The Teak Towel Racks 

Just like other bathroom equipment, a towel rack is a must-have item in the bathroom. Because the existence of a hanging rack is very important. It is used to dry the wet towels after use. The rack hanging is usually attached to the bathroom wall. 

There are various types of towel racks based on size, material, and how they are installed. Choosing a towel rack cannot be done carelessly because apart from its function, the existence of a hanging shelf can also beautify the bathroom. 

Teak Wood Mirror 

The mirror is usually placed above the sink in the bathroom. With the right placement, mirrors will have a big impact on the room. For example, in a narrow bathroom, a mirror creates the illusion of a wider room. Mirrors can help brighten a room by reflecting natural light. So, it can be positioned in such a way that it captures as much natural light as possible to maximize its impact. The choice of the mirror models also varies in size and shape. They are oval, square, and round.  

Teak Toilet Paper Holder 

Toilet paper holders come in different types and designs. Apart from being a roll tissue holder, it turns out that a toilet paper holder can also add to the beauty of the toilet interior. Some toilet paper holders can also be used for the sink area in the bathroom. Teak wooden holders will provide a warm atmosphere.  

Teak Trash Can 

The trash can in the bathroom functions to dispose of unused tissue, soap packaging, and sanitary napkins. Just like the previous toilet equipment, teak trash can be the right choice to perfect the existing designs and interior with the teak furniture. 

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