teak garden furniture – There are many ways to celebrate the new year. You can celebrate it by renewing old furniture. This is in order to get a new atmosphere at home to welcome extraordinary positive things in the future. You can apply spray paint wood effect to the furniture to make it look unique and classy.

Spray Paint Wood Effect to Add Brightness

Many people apply spray paint to create an amazing wooden finish. That is if you apply it to non-wooden furniture. There will be additional texture and brightness typical of the wood furniture that we know.

So, what if we apply wood spray paint to worn wooden furniture? Then you will get old furniture with a touch of brightness that makes it look new. You just have to prepare everything well before painting furniture. When you do it with a thorough level of preparation, this will determine the perfection of the results.

One important thing that you should remember when renewing old furniture with spray paint is the age of the wood. If the wood of your furniture is quite old, then you will need a lot of preparation. Most likely you need a primer as a base coat before the spray paint wood effect works.

However, some types of wood do not need primer as a base coat, no matter how old they are. You just have to be prepared if the color changes after applying the wood paint spray. Then, you need to sand the wood to remove all traces of spray paint after applying the previous paint. Next, you can start the spray paint process again.

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Steps to Work on Spray Paint Wood Effect

You can ‘do it yourself’ in your leisure time to work on spray paint wood effect. However, if this is too difficult and risky for you, why not hire someone who really understands caring for old wooden furniture?

The first thing you can do is buy a number of high-quality tools and equipment according to careful calculations so you don’t waste money. Choose spray paint based on the wood color you want. Do you want the final result of the furniture to be glossy which looks expensive? Or to be matt which is elegant?

You can go into several shops to get samples both offline and online. You can test this sample first on your wooden furniture to see whether the new effect will be suitable or not. Next, if you have to choose a primer, then you have to choose one that is compatible with the color of the wood paint.

Don’t forget to look for the painting tool too. Will you spray using a spray gun or spray the paint directly from the can? Then you can carry out the following work stages:

Determine the Painting Location

You should choose an open painting room or a room with good ventilation. Fumes from spray paint can irritate breathing and eyes. So, you need to prioritize your own health. Then do basic preparation such as placing lots of old newspaper sheets in the spraying area.

Wear Safety Clothes

You can wear home clothes or a raincoat to protect yourself, also wear protective glasses, mask, and if necessary boots for complete protection.

Sanding Process

You can sand the surface thoroughly until the wooden furniture is smooth. You must remove all remaining layers if you have previously polished the wood.

Wood Putty and Primer Application

If there are holes around the surface, then you have to apply putty. Next, clean the surface before you apply the primer. After the primer dries, you can then apply the spray paint wood effect. Keep a clear distance from the wood when spraying paint.

If you need professional help to work on spray paint wood effect, you can contact us via this website. You just need to consult with us then wait for us to come to your location.