indonesia teak furniture – Wooden furniture is a popular choice because of its flexibility and natural impression. You can shape wood into various furniture models. Wooden furniture looks better with other decorative elements. However, the longer it is used, various problems will arise, for example, when frying, the color will fade, become dull, or the wood will rot. If you have wooden furniture at home, you can try the following methods to keep your wooden furniture beautiful and shiny.

Prevent Wooden Furniture from Rotting with These 7 Ways!

Many residential concepts rely on wooden furniture to support them. For example, for a minimalist residence, you can design wooden furniture with a simple concept with lighter colors. However, for a house with an elegant and classic concept, Jepara wood furniture with carvings and dark colors will be suitable to support this concept. To maintain durability, you need to care for it regularly. Don’t let your wooden furniture rot. Further, it will harm you because you won’t be able to use it anymore.

Regularly Clean Wooden Furniture

Wood, like other materials, is susceptible to dirt or dust. Once a week, clean the dust that sticks to the wooden surface. To clean the dust, wipe the furniture with a soft and dry cloth. Use a damp cloth for stubborn stains.

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Avoid Direct Sunlight

Especially if you place it outside the house, don’t leave wooden furniture exposed to direct sunlight. If exposed to sunlight for too long, bright dark spots will usually appear. It will decrease the aesthetics of wooden furniture. However, you cannot deny the color of the wood will change over time. It is a sign that you need to refresh it, perhaps by re-staining it.

Spraying Anti-Termite

One of the scariest things about having wooden furniture is termites. Termites destroy wood, damaging the appearance of furniture. To prevent this, you can choose wooden furniture with an anti-termite coating. If you already have wooden furniture at home, you can regularly spray it with termite protection.

Clean Up Immediately When Any Spilled Liquid 

If Indonesian wooden furniture is continuously exposed to moisture, it can cause the wood to become moldy or rot. Moisture can also make wood easily peel, crack, and even warp. If you want to place wet objects such as glasses or objects that have just been taken from the refrigerator, you can use a glass coaster. It is a simple step so that wooden furniture does not rot quickly.

Add Varnish to Keep the Appearance Beautiful and Not Rot

So, that the life of Jepara wooden furniture is longer and does not rot, give it a layer of varnish. It will update the look of your furniture. You can get this wood polishing oil in shops.

Give an Extra Layer of Wax

It turns out that wax also has the benefit of beautifying the appearance of wood and preventing it from rotting. Melt the wax layer on wooden furniture once every three months. This method can smooth the surface of the wood, too.

Maintain Room Air Circulation

This tip seems simple but has a great impact on caring for wooden furniture so it doesn’t rot. You can open the doors and windows every day. It will ensure smooth air circulation so that, the wooden furniture is not damp.

There are many things you can do with wooden furniture to prevent it from rotting. Even though wooden furniture is durable furniture, that doesn’t mean you can leave it without taking care of it. If you have difficulty caring for wooden furniture in your home, you can contact us. We will be happy to provide appropriate consultation and maintenance sessions for any wooden furniture. Don’t wait until it rots, this will quickly damage the furniture and sadly you won’t be able to use it anymore.