jepara indonesia furniture – The world has recognized that furniture from Indonesia which has beautiful Jepara carvings is amazing. Every thread of carving on the chair, table, and mirror adds an artistic impression. It conveys a ethnic magnificent atmosphere in a room. 

We need to carry out regular maintenance of this ethnic furniture. You have to do this if you don’t want one day the color of your furniture to sag to its lowest point. However, sometimes the old age of furniture can beat everything. Even routine maintenance using special polish. In this condition, you have to plan more exclusive maintenance by repainting the furniture. 

You will enjoy the process of old furniture returning to its original color or even to a better and brighter color. Just do what you have to do and avoid mistakes in painting this kind of furniture.

Water Based Wood Paint

A classic, traditional, and classy elegant look is the hallmark of Jepara carving crafts. Many want to maintain that look. Especially if this furniture uses typical Javanese teak wood which is resistant to termites, weather changes, and mites. Craftsmen often use polish as wood paint to give the wood a transparent classy look. Polish is very cheap and they can be proud of the results.

The method of applying polish is also quite satisfying because it is easy. Apart from polish, some craftsmen use other wood paints with thinner or similar solvents. These two types of wood paint require quite a long time to dry completely. Sometimes this drying time collides with the due date for delivery to the buyers’ locations. 

Racing against time like that makes craftsmen apply drying methods that are quite troublesome, such as placing furniture directly under sunlight. They also use LED spotlights as well as a hairdryer and leave it in the open air all day. Therefore, they need wood paint that dries quickly. 

Water-based paint could be your choice. This paint is quite eco-friendly because it doesn’t leave a strong odor. Workers who use it will feel more comfortable and the work will also be faster. This wood paint also doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals. However, do you know if this water-based paint is wood paint that uses water as a solvent? 

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Best Choice Wood Paint

This is much safer even though the price may be quite higher than solvent-based paint. On the other hand, several craftsmen who have applied water-based paint to their wooden furniture have proven that this paint is much more economical, faster, and safer. Some apply it directly with a brush and some use the spray paint method. 

Many people nowadays choose water-based acrylic which contains paint materials that comply with international chemical safety regulatory standards. The adhesion of this paint film is quite strong and provides a sharp color touch. Even if you want to apply it to old teak furniture, you can still enhance the strong ancient color of the typical Jepara wood character. 

When you need advice from a professional about this kind of best wood paint, you can contact us immediately. We will help you elevate your valuable wood furniture with Jepara Indonesia carvings.