teak garden furniture – People often build these small, one story houses with thatched roofs and wide verandas around the beach. Bungalow roofs often appear slanted with thatch being the highlight. From a distance the bungalow looks exotic as if it sucks us in to immediately come to it. When we set foot on the veranda, a traditional, ethnic, and vintage impression often comes over us.

Some bungalows have wooden furniture decorating the interior. Bungalow owners now can rejuvenate their exotic homes easily. You can provide detail in various rooms by placing contemporary wooden furniture. The wood you use must be teak which is strong and can withstand all weather conditions. You can also choose a modern or vintage design according to your bungalow concept.

If you keep the thatched roof then you can continue the vintage and classy wooden furniture design.

Details of Bungalow for Nature Tourism

Bungalows can accommodate large numbers of people. Most of the bungalow renters are people who enjoy exploring nature during the day by discovering forest, hills, beaches, and sea. Then in the evening they will spend time gathering over a barbeque party. They grilled fish they got from sea fishing, meat they bought at the nearby market, and sang all night long.

You can focus wooden wooden furniture details on the porch or backyard area where they usually gather. Place teak wood chairs with contemporary dynamic designs in gray or copper colors on the terrace. You can also make a custom wooden couch where five to eight people can sit on it while playing guitar or sitting back and relaxing. This couch also has a backrest at the back and on the right and left sides.

Meanwhile, the long teak wood table with lattice work details on it will be the focus in the middle of the room. We will use this table to place various kinds of food and drinks. You can also place a camera with a sophisticated tripod on the table to record your gathering activities with your group.

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Details on a Minimalist Bungalow Kitchen

The kitchen atmosphere in an accommodation like a bungalow now is an exciting topic for people to discuss on social media. Various kinds of videos in the kitchen of a bungalow or cottage and villa always have a lot of viewers. Your bungalow renter might use the minimalist kitchen as an ‘instagrammable’ spot. Even though your bungalow’s kitchen is not that big.

The Indonesia wood details and Jepara carvings can add to your bungalow selling value. You can make custom high bar stools facing the letter L table as a serving area in the kitchen. 

Additional ornaments from teak wood can also include egg holders, tissue holders, and drink bottle holders. Apart from being able to function as a container. You can also beautify it with typical Jepara carvings.

Imagine people promoting your exotic bungalow for free on social media with millions of viewers!

To rejuvenate your bungalow, you need immediate professional help. Contact us to help you make it happen by details and fast work. You can create your own wooden furniture design or discuss it with our team.