teak outdoor furnitureMany people today choose teak wood furniture for various reasons, one of the strongest is the durability and the uniqueness of the Jepara teak furniture carving. Actually, how much does it cost to be able to own one?

Why is Teak Wood Expensive?

If you would like to know a detailed answer to this question, let’s try to flashback to the past around 500 years BC. Based on the history, there was a fact confirmed that teak wood is one of the most suitable and strong main materials for making the complete ships.

Chinese people during the Ming Dynasty carried out many experiments such as looking for intact teak, then they carried out trials by burying teak in the ground for many years. After it reopened, it was still in very good condition. It had not been eaten by termites. This is the beginning of making teak became famous in ancient times and even now.

At this point, you can feel relieved and get a definite answer as to why the teak furniture is so expensive. Some people have even started to secretly invest in teak wood. 

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Teak Wood Furniture

There are several benefits you can get when buying teak wood furniture. First, you will have furniture with the best durability. Moreover, your furniture is made of genuine premium quality teak under the supervision of the Ministry of Forestry. Everything is well managed.  Second, you will have perhaps the only wood furniture that is not eaten by termites, is water resistant, and strong.

Another fact is a part of oil, it turns out that the deepest part of teak contains silica which affects its strength against water immersion. It makes a strong reason for people to get the main choice for equipping their house.    

The Types of Teak Furniture Determine Your Budgets

You have to make sure that you know the types of teak furniture. It determines the budgets. The basic thing in determining your budget is the quality of the teak wood that is used in producing the teak furniture. 

Whether it is produced from grade A which is the best quality of teak wood that makes it becomes the highest price. Grade B with the medium quality of teak wood with a medium price or grade which is suitable for you, and the last is grade C for those who are hampered by the cost.  

Apart from the type of teak wood used, another thing that might be taken into consideration is the type of teak furniture you choose. Traditional teak furniture relates the style with its history and its traditional value such as curved, the more complicated the curve the more expensive the price is. But if you choose the modern minimalist teak furniture, the surface is mostly flat without any curved motifs. Both are of the best quality.

After having the explanation above, have you prepared your budget for your teak furniture? Let us know your budget and bring the teak furniture home.