Jepara furniture – Teak wood is known as the most popular wood among others, even though among ordinary people who don’t understand woodworking, teak is not a strange wood. Even though many people out there have never seen the shape of the teak tree, teak wood, and cannot even differentiate between one type and another, what they keep in mind is that teak wood is the number one wood in the world.  

The question is, what makes the teak so famous compared to other woods? Teak wood is especially famous for its good quality, because of its quality, it has always been the choice of many people. Whether it is to build a house or make furniture, wherever possible they will choose teak as the main material. 

The Advantages of Teak Furniture Originating from Jepara

The popularity of teak wood as the main material for household products is unquestionable. Of course, this is not easy. Wood craftsmen consistently demonstrate their ability to produce beautiful works that receive attention and recognition from many people.

Talking about the advantages that are reasons why this furniture becomes the best, are you curious about the advantages of Jepara teak furniture? Let’s summarize them!

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Using Quality Basic Material

The quality of teak furniture is no longer a public secret. Wooden furniture craftsmen and entrepreneurs always use quality basic materials. This is the reason why teak furniture has a high selling value. 

The use of quality basic materials will affect its ability, even up to 30 years depending on the situation and conditions. It has an unusual quality, making teak furniture different in how to care for it from the usual wood care methods.

Suitable for Any Decoration Style

What makes Jepara teak furniture attractive is its suitability for all kinds of room decoration styles. The unique wood color offers beauty and can create a different room feel, for example, a sofa set in the middle of the room. 

For a modern-style house, the presence of teak wood furniture adds a strong traditional impression. What you need to make it more attractive is you can adjust the use of other elements in the room such as the table bases, wall decorations, and sofa cushion colors.

Jepara Teak Furniture is a Work of Art

Jepara teak furniture has its distinctive carving patterns with a work of art of high value. Each product is made of real wood, it is not easy for craftsmen to produce smooth and unique patterned carving. 

Generally, the curved motifs on teak furniture are dominated by plants in a three-dimensional style so that the carvings look lively and charming. It has the high selling value and can penetrate foreign markets.

Resistant to Water and Terminates

Still a matter of quality, teak furniture is resistant to water and terminates attacks. When people avoid using wood furniture due to these two problems. The special thing about its quality is that Jepara furniture contains natural oils that come from the basic material.

Beautiful Natural Color

The most natural wood furniture is made of teak. It has a beautiful natural color. The original wood color with layers motif on each piece. In the end, it just needs to be varnished with a nice touch.

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