indonesia teak furniture – You probably already have a private place like a cottage as a gift for your loved one. Don’t leave the cottage empty and dry without ornaments that can beautify it. Decorate the cottage with wooden furniture that can elevate it from an artistic and useful perspective. 

The person you love will be even more grateful for what she gets. They get a cottage and its complete contents. Choosing wooden furniture such as teak wood from Indonesia is a wise choice. The teak wood that has Jepara carved ornaments can increase the value of a piece of furniture. 

That is not only a chair for you to sit on but also a chair that provides decoration when the room is empty. Likewise with sofa beds, beds, tables, coffee tables, and mirrors in your cottage. 

A Homely Cottage

A cottage which is often in a location around a beach or lake should choose wooden furniture that matches the surrounding environment. You can start decorating the outdoor part of the cottage with a table that has a contemporary touch and round legs. The round shape of the legs will blend with the thin but sturdy table wooden surface. 

Next, you can fill the patio or terrace with several special patio and veranda chairs. These chairs have slim legs and backrests with a twisting rattan motif. You have to choose the best color like the one you use at home. 

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What You Have Inside the Cottage

A cottage that is like a home will be the most comfortable residence for anyone who rents it. Parents or couples who receive a cottage as a gift can rent it out to foreigners to make a profit. This will give them another form of happiness. 

Start emphasizing comfort inside the cottage by providing a two or four-seater wooden sofa. You can choose a futuristic design such as a semi-circular backrest with a typical Jepara rattan thread pattern. Also apply paint that elevates the wooden furniture, such as soft blue, teal blue, and other pastel colors. 

It is good for your cottage especially if it is near the beach area. Make the interior as comfortable as possible because its function is as a resting place during the holidays. 

Next, you have to provide a more private accommodation area with a place for a wooden towel rack. The size is medium which is around 60 x 35 x 110 cm to place one to three towels after bathing. The position can be next to the toilet or in front of it. With the slim and elegant design of this towel rack, you will get a contemporary ornament in the interior corner leading to the bathroom. 

If you need any professional help to decorate your cottage with wooden furniture, do call us right away. We will visit to see the condition of your cottage and start to brainstorm with you about everything you need. Let’s together complete your loveable cottage with our valuable wooden furniture.